How to connect a switch?

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How to connect a switch?

We all understand that the switches are set to open the electrical circuit so that the light in the room does not burn permanently, but only when it is needed. If you decide to call a specialist to install a switch, then be prepared that you will have to pay about 700 rubles to simply replace the switch (without conducting electrical wiring to it), and wait for the master’s house for several hours.

How to connect the switch with your own hands? It is not at all difficult to do. It is enough to comply with safety measures when working with electricity, to deal with the device switch and have the skills to work with a conventional screwdriver. In this case, you will save money for the work, and it will take you no more than 20-30 minutes to connect the switch.

Types of switches

With all the variety of simple single-button switches sold in stores, they can all be divided into two types - indoor and outdoor switches.To choose the right switch, you must first decide how the voltage cable will approach it - inside the wall or above it. If the cable is hidden under the plaster, an internal switch is installed. If the wire goes over the wall, then an external switch is placed.

Choosing the place of installation of the switch

According to modern standards, the switches are installed at a distance of 1 - 1, 5 m from the floor level. The switch must be on the side of the doorway that is opposite to the axis of the door opening. In this case, when entering the dark room, it will be possible to freely reach with your hand to the switch directly from the threshold. Otherwise, the switch will be behind the door.

Preparatory work

Find the junction box in the room, which connects the wires from the chandelier, power cable and switch. If there is no such box, it should be mounted. The box will connect the switch to the lamp.

From the place of the proposed installation of the switch, navigate to the electrical box of the electrical cable. Wiring is either laid over the wall and hides in the cable channel, or is carried out inside the wall.In the latter case, it is necessary to pre-pierce the recess in the wall with a perforator.

Next, turn off the electricity in the apartment and carry out further work in the absence of a network voltage.

Switch connection

  1. Put wires from a switch, a chandelier and a current source into the electrical distribution box.
  2. The switch is installed on the phase conductor of the power cable. If the switch is put on the neutral wire, the lamp base will always be energized, even when the switch is turned off. In such a situation, even with the usual replacement of a light bulb, a person can be under stress with the most tragic consequences. Phase wire is determined by the indicator until the voltage is turned off.
  3. In the junction box, the neutral wires from the luminaire and the power cable are twisted together. Phase wires from the bulb and the current source are connected to two wires of the cable that goes to the switch.

Installation of an external switch

  1. If the wiring goes over the wall, you must first attach a plywood socket to the installation site of the external switch.This is done with a drill, two dowels and screws.
  2. Next, we clean the wires of the supplied cable and insert them into the terminals of the working mechanism of the switch.
  3. Fix the connection with screws.
  4. We fasten the working mechanism to the bottom plate, set it on top and insert the key into the switch.

Install internal switch

If you made the wiring hidden under the plaster, you need to install an internal switch. Connecting the switch to the cable is carried out as above. Only the method of fixing the switch to the wall is changing.

  1. A circular recess is made in the wall, and a plastic bottom is inserted into it.
  2. The working mechanism of the switch is fastened inside the bottom plate by means of a spacer mechanism or screwed to it with screws.
  3. On top of the working mechanism superimposed frame and key.

Now you can energize and check the quality of work.