How to connect wireless internet?

Many people have internet at home today. It can be the Internet through a telephone line, via fiber, wireless Internet through a mobile operator or even satellite Internet. Many people prefer wireless Internet in their homes, so as not to pull extra wires and they could connect from any device to the global network. However, not everyone knows how to connect wireless internet on their own.

Consider this question in more detail.

Wireless internet connection

Wireless Internet can be divided into several types

  • Internet via ADSL router or via router from optical fiber;
  • Wireless Internet from mobile providers.

Consider each view in more detail.

Wireless Internet via regular router

If you already have a normal Internet connection at home through fiber optics or a telephone line, then you can buy a router to it, through which you can create a wireless Wi-Fi network. For this you need:

  1. Buy a router suitable for your internet.If you have a connection via a telephone line, then you need to buy an ADSL router. If via fiber, you need a regular router with a WAN-input under the fiber connector. In this case, the router should be selected based on the signal strength and coverage area.
  2. Connect the wire from the Internet to the router and plug it into a power outlet.
  3. Connect the computer to the router through the wire to the LAN connector.
  4. Go to any browser on your computer and type in the address bar ip-address of the router, which is specified in the documentation.
  5. In the window that opens, enter the login and password from the settings of the router, which are also listed in the documentation. Usually login and password - the word "admin".
  6. In the settings of the router, drive the data of the provider and change the name and password of the Wi-Fi wireless network so that the neighbors cannot connect to your wireless network, waste traffic and clog the channel, downloading heavy files.
  7. Save all new settings and restart the router.
  8. Connect to a wireless Wi-Fi network from any device to test performance.

If you did everything right, then a wireless Wi-Fi network will appear in the house, which you can use.

Wireless Internet from a mobile operator

Mobile operators also provide wireless access to the mobile Internet using a special modem and router. In order to connect wireless mobile Internet to your laptop, you need to purchase a special usb modem and Internet tariff in the cellular salon of the selected operator. After that, we simply connect to the computer and wait until the laptop automatically installs the necessary program for using the mobile Internet.

If you purchased a Wi-Fi router in the cellular salon, then it makes sense to connect it to a laptop only if you set up a wireless Wi-Fi network. The configuration takes place on the same principle as in the previous section with a regular router.

The router will start working immediately after you insert a SIM card into it and activate the required tariff. Any device that has a login and password from the network can connect to the router wirelessly.