How to cook carp in the oven?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
September 19, 2014
How to cook carp in the oven?

Carp is one of the most delicious varieties of fish, which goes well with various vegetables and side dishes. Therefore, if you know how to cook delicious carp in the oven, you can make it as a dish for every day, and on the occasion of some holiday.

How to cook the carp in the oven in foil

Carp, like other fish baked in the oven, is often cooked in foil. This allows you to save all the taste of this variety, as well as get juicy and tender meat. Carp can be baked simply with spices, or you can add different vegetables to it or cook stuffed fish. Here is a very simple recipe for cooking carp in foil:

  1. Clean 1 carp (about 1.5 kg) of scales, remove entrails and rinse thoroughly under running water.
  2. Grate the fish with salt from all sides inside and outside.
  3. Clear 3-4 pcs. Onions, cut into thin half-rings, put in a bowl and salt.
  4. Add a handful of black pepper and 4 crushed bay leaves, mash and mix by hand.
  5. Place a portion (1/3) of the onion on the foil, put the carp on top.
  6. In the belly of the fish put the second third of the onion with seasoning, and the rest to cover the carp.
  7. 1 tablespoon of olive oil pour the fish on top, wrap the foil and put in the refrigerator for several hours.
  8. Preheat oven to 200 degrees, place the fish on a baking sheet in foil and cook for 1 hour.

A side dish for such a dish can be boiled potatoes or rice.

How to cook carp in the oven with vegetables

Stuffed carp can be cooked with a variety of vegetables and fruits. You can replace the ingredients of the following recipe with new ones:

  1. Clean the carp (1 pc.), Remove the insides and rinse.
  2. Squeeze juice from 3-4 limes, put fish into it, salt and pepper it inside and outside, leave to marinate in juice for 2 hours.
  3. 2 onions cut into half rings, 1 carrot - into slices, 5-6 cherry tomatoes - into small slices.
  4. Place the vegetables in the belly of the fish and close it with toothpicks.
  5. Grease a baking sheet with vegetable oil and put on it first slices of pressed limes, and then stuffed carp.
  6. Cook at 200 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

A lime pillow helps the carp skin to remain intact, and also prevents the fish from burning or sticking to the baking tray. This dish is served with green beans and greens.