How to cook pork steak?

Today, pork steaks are very popular. Pork meat is much more tender than veal or beef, and it is relatively easy to cook. In our article we will discuss how to do it and what is important to consider when cooking pork.

How to cook pork steak?

In general, steak is called meat, which is made from beef or veal. Pork meat, poultry and fish in everyday life are also often called steaks, although this is fundamentally wrong. But within the framework of the article we will not go into concepts and terms, but proceed directly to the preparation. By the way, we recommend that you read the useful article How to cook steak.

First of all, it is worth noting that beef, classic steak has several degrees of roasting: from half-baked meat with blood, to fully roasted. This is due to the fact that beef meat can be eaten even in half-baked or pickled form. For pork, this is unacceptable. Therefore, pork should always be cooked until fully cooked and nothing else.

Dish Requirements

To make a steak, you will need a barbecue grill with a special grid or a high-quality grill pan.

Products for cooking

In order to cook pork steak, you will need the following products:

  • A piece of pork meat, and preferably steam. The best pork steaks come from the neck.
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • A set of spices (rosemary, paprika, cumin, basil, etc.)

Meat preparation

Frozen meat should be thawed only in the refrigerator, in a deep container with water. The defrosting process is long, so worry about it in advance.

Defrosting in the microwave damages the fibers of the meat and makes its subsequent roasting uneven. And the same action at normal room temperature is fraught with damage to the product.

Cooking process

  • Pepper steak on both sides. You can also do this at the end of cooking;
  • Salt the steak; Do not worry if you are a little under salt it can be done at the table;
  • Season the meat with the spices, rubbing them and slapping the steak;
  • Smear vegetable steak on both sides. It is not necessary to pour oil on the pan itself.The oil is necessary so that the meat does not burn and evenly browned.
  • Leave the seasoned meat for 5-7 minutes so that it is soaked;
  • Heat a frying pan over medium heat and place the steak on it;
  • Cooking time of pork steak is 20-25 minutes.

The temperature of the pan must be moderate, so that the meat does not dry out or burn. 70 degrees is fine.

Once again we recall that there can be no talk about the incomplete degree of roasting pork meat. A pig is not the purest animal, and its meat can contain many helminthic invasions. Do not put your health at risk.