How to cope with back pain

What a joy when a person does not remember that he has a back. But, youth passes, the amount of hormones begins to decrease steadily, and to watch how we sit, stand, walk, not always succeed, therefore, over time, there is such a problem as back pain. It appears suddenly, keeps a few days in tension, then passes, and after a while everything starts all over again. Alas, without work on yourself to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon will not succeed. Since in our age a person spends in a sitting position much more time than in a lying position and standing, it is necessary to create the right conditions for sitting.
Set a goal to get an ergonomically designed chair, and check whether you are sitting correctly in front of the table. Your navel should be at the tabletop level. Every half an hour, try to get up, indulge and do a couple of kneading exercises.
As for sleep, the advice of specialists is to purchase an orthopedic base (lattice) and change the mattress every 10 years.To relieve the spine, you need to sleep, lying on its side, knees bent. To rise sharply in the morning is not recommended, it is necessary to remember the movements of the cat, to stretch, lie down a little, breathe deeply and slowly get up. Respiratory gymnastics helps to bring the body into an active state, to do it in the morning is very useful.
The spine loves movement, the back pain subsides if a person is engaged in swimming, light gymnastics, yoga or walking.
Review your diet. Eliminate the sweet, flour and fat. Excess weight contributes to the appearance of back pain due to the additional load. Eat more vegetables, fruits, drink pure mineral water without gas, do not forget to limit salt intake.