How to create a clan in Minecraft?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
October 8, 2014
How to create a clan in Minecraft?

A clan is an association of players with common interests, which serves for the collective fulfillment of labor and combat tasks or just having a pleasant time in the game.

Clan halls can only have clans. They can also conduct diplomatic negotiations, declare war on their opponents and participate in clan tournaments and rating battles. Players in a clan are comrades in arms, fighting shoulder to shoulder and achieving their intended goal together. From our article you will learn how to create your clan in Minecraft.

Clan Creation

To create your own clan, you need to enter the command / clan create [tag] [clan name] into the console on the server with the Simple Clans plugin.

A clan created by you must receive confirmation within twenty-four hours (at least one of the clan members must appear in the game) to gain access to the full clan functionality, or it will be deleted. Next, you need to send a registration request to the server administrator.

Players in the clan can be increased or decreased in rank, given access to advanced functionality or selected it.

You can also set a teleportation point for your clan members and with its help not only allow them to move to the clan hall, but also teleport them all at the same time with the / clan home regroup command.

Becoming the leader of the clan, you can enter into alliances with other communities to trade or jointly oppose the enemies to whom you have declared war.

One of the advantages of the state in the clan is the clan chat. With it, players can conduct a conversation with their clan members in private.

A very useful feature is the registration of deaths and killings of the player. For each individual character is the rating of the number of murders, divided by the number of deaths, which allows to evaluate the combat abilities of both one player and the clan as a whole.