How to create a color?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
October 8, 2014
How to create a color?

In painting requires a large number of different colors and their shades. By mixing certain colors in different proportions, you can get almost the entire color range. The only exceptions are yellow, red and blue - they cannot be obtained, and they are considered basic.

How to make green

When mixing in equal proportions of blue, blue and yellow paint, we get green.

In order to get different shades of green, you need to mix certain colors.

  • Lime - mix yellow with white and green.
  • Olive - mix green, yellow and add a little brown.
  • Conifer - mix green, yellow and add a little black.

How to make a purple color

To get purple, you need to take in equal proportions red and blue. For more information on how to mix paints to get purple, you can in the article How to get a lilac color.

To get different shades of purple, such as lilac, mix red and blue in different proportions while adding a little white paint.In order to get the desired shade of lilac, you need to experiment a little.

How to make a pink color

Getting a pink color is easy. It is enough to mix in equal proportions red and white color. To get a richer pink, add less white ink.

How to make a gray color

Different shades of gray can be made by mixing in different proportions of black and white.

How to make blue

To get the blue color, take the blue and white paint. We mix them in equal proportions, and to get different shades of blue, each time we change the proportions of white and blue.

How to make beige

To get a beige color, you need to take brown and gradually add white to it, and then add yellow for brightness.

How to make orange

You can get orange with red and yellow. The more red you add, the brighter the color will be.

  • Close to orange is ocher color. It can be obtained by mixing yellow and brown.
  • Also a popular color is terracotta, which is obtained by mixing orange and brown.

To get brown, refer to the article How to get brown.

How to make turquoise

To get this color, you need to take blue and green, mix them in equal proportions. And to obtain a variety of shades of turquoise, you need to add a little white color.

How to make burgundy color

There is a huge range of colors burgundy. So:

  • if you want to get a cold burgundy, then add a little blue to red. But do not overdo it, otherwise it will turn purple.
  • if you need a warm shade, add a little yellow to the red.