How to create items?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
October 9, 2014
How to create items?

Crafting is the process of creating objects from one or more existing materials or objects. Often, craft is made according to a specific recipe. A crafting recipe is the location of the desired items in a certain way in the interface of the object with which the player must interact to create things or materials. In different games, the process of crafting may differ significantly. In this article, we will look at how to create items in Minecraft and Dot 2 games.

Creating items in Minecraft

To create items in Minecraft, you will need to stock up on the ingredients involved in the crafting process, and arrange them properly in the grid for crafting. In the inventory of the character is a grid of 2 to 2 cells, but it is not enough, and therefore to create items with a more complex recipe you will need to get a workbench with a grid of three to three cells.

It is not always necessary to have materials in a certain way.For example, in order to craft a torch, you can place coal and a stick in any two cells of the grid, but coal must be placed on top of the stick. In some recipes, the sequence of calculations is completely unimportant, for example, the ingredients for crafting stewed mushrooms can be put into the net in any order and in any order.

If objects having durability take part in crafting (a bow for a dispenser or a fishing rod with carrots to control a pig), then their strength indicator should be equal to one hundred percent, otherwise it will not be possible to create the desired item.

Most of the items in Minecraft have a clear recipe for creation, and therefore the thing can not be obtained if you change the position of one of the ingredients needed for crafting.

Additional information on creating items in Minecraft can be found in the article How to make things in Minecraft.

Craft items in Dot 2

Crafting in the game Dota 2 is somewhat different from the process of the same name in Minecraft. If you only need to know the crafting recipe in Minecraft, then in order to create items in DotA 2, you also need to have a scroll with a recipe that will be one of the ingredients.

In DotA 2, items are classified by quality, so the quality of the item obtained as a result of crafting is directly proportional to the quality of the scroll used and the other items in the recipe. Be sure to consider this fact before creating items in DotA.

Creating an item in Dota 2 is quite simple: you need to select the desired scroll, right-click on it and select the desired item from the drop-down list.

Scrolls are mined from chests and given to the player upon completion of the event. They can also be bought or exchanged from other players on the Market Square.