How to cure pharyngitis?

January 12, 2015
How to cure pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis is the process when mucous membranes and tissues of the pharynx become inflamed. This disease is probably familiar to everyone. The reasons for it may be different: internal and external stimuli, infection. This material tells how to cure pharyngitis at home, without resorting to medicines, using traditional methods.


Sore throat or sore throat. Dry cough. Swollen lymph nodes. Increased body temperature. You see the real redness at the independent examination of the pharynx in the mirror. The mucous membrane of the throat appears to be loose. These are the symptoms of pharyngitis.

Medication treatment

  • Drug treatment of bacterial pharyngitis is made with antibiotics. It is intended to eliminate the factor that caused the problem. Irrigation of the inner part of the pharynx with aerosols containing an antibiotic is also used.
  • Well helps resorption pills faringosept. But there is intolerance to one or another medicine prescribed by doctors.Or in the case of children or pregnant women - the unacceptability of the use of antibiotics. Then you need to try the popular methods of treatment available to everyone. Read more in the article How to treat a throat.

Folk methods: herbs

  • Mix a small spoonful of rosehip syrup, a couple of large spoons of yogurt and beetroot juice. Add the juice of half a lemon or lime. Drink a tablespoon once an hour. This compound will help with pharyngitis and tonsillitis.
  • Prepare a decoction of sage in milk. To do this, you need to pour a pinch of dry grass with milk and bring the broth to a boil. Let it stand. Strain through cheesecloth or strainer. Drink warm or hot at night.
  • Instead of lozenges and pills that relieve a sore throat, it is better to use sea buckthorn oil (hold in the mouth) or a piece of cut aloe leaf - an excellent substitute for drugs.
  • You can try antiviral collection: birch leaf, sage and eucalyptus pour boiling water and insist half an hour. Strain and rinse as often as possible.