How to cure pressure?

December 22, 2014
How to cure pressure?

Increased blood and intracranial pressure may occur for various reasons. It immediately affects the state of the body: it loses its working capacity, dizziness, weakness, and tinnitus appear. At the same time, it must be said that the indicators of normal pressure fluctuate and depend on some factors: weight, age category, physical condition of the body. The safe norm is considered the top: from 120 to 140, the bottom: 80 - 90 mm Hg. Read more in the article Why the pressure rises.

What is the danger?

A short-term increase in pressure is a temporary reaction of the body to stress, changes in conditions, stress, tension. If this happens systematically, it is worth thinking about how to cure pressure. Moreover, the danger of what is happening is that an increase in pressure occurs asymptomatically (only sometimes accompanied by difficulty in breathing, unpleasant sensations in the chest, muscle pain, but all this indicates more likely a violation of the blood circulation process).On why it is necessary to measure pressure, read the material How to measure yourself pressure.

change yourself

Before you treat high blood pressure medication (if it is already systematically “going off scale”), try changing your lifestyle and diet. Get rid of bad habits. Smoking, regular drinking of alcohol, frequent use of coffee does not contribute to the normalization of pressure. Nervous stress, lack of sleep, poor physical activity negatively affect our body. Fatty and sweet food, exceeding the amount of its use has a detrimental effect. Gradually work on yourself, limiting the excesses, and maybe this alone will be enough to normalize your blood pressure. Read more about this in the material How to Normalize Pressure.

Popular methods of rapid pressure reduction

  • Make a self-massage of the cervical and "collar" parts. Movement should be soft, rather - caressing, than beating. This will help to quickly disperse the blood from the head.
  • Find an acupuncture point under the ear lobe (both left and right), gently draw a vertical line to the clavicle. Repeat the movement ten times.
  • It is necessary that the outflow of blood to the legs and into the lower part of the body occur faster. To do this, use the hot foot bath - a proven folk remedy. Contrasting shower (5-10 minutes, do not get carried away), and hot baths for hands help well.
  • Breathe deeply with your nose, methodically holding your breath as you exhale (7-8 seconds). Also on the exhale, it is useful to produce the sound "s".
  • Drink a glass of hot water with lemon juice and honey. You can also swallow a couple of valerian tablets or brew it in a glass of boiling water. Good help tincture of hawthorn and rosehip, mint.