How to cut a hard floor tile

You will need
  • Method 1: - tile cutter. Method 2: - Stone cutting. Method 3: - hydroabrasive machine.
The technology of cutting floor tiles due to the high strength of the material is fraught with some difficulties. Therefore, today they use plasma and laser cutting. However, the most common methods of cutting are still hydro-abrasive and mechanical. At home, the most accessible use of mechanical cutting. For this tool is used tile cutter. From the usual glass cutter, it differs in the size of the cutting wheel. Increasing the diameter of 1.5 cm allows you to cut material to a greater depth.
After the tile is cut, it should be broken along the formed line. This procedure is performed using a metal tooth located on the bottom of the forceps and a corner on the top. For carrying out multiple serial operations when an edging tile of the same size is required, the tile cutter is equipped with a limiter bar.
Also, tile quality can be cut using a conventional stone-cutting machine. It should be noted that the higher the frequency of rotation of the cutter device, the better will be the cut. To get the highest quality cut, make an incision line, retreating from the edge not less than 1-0.8 cm. Make a cut, evenly pressing on the tool and rolling it towards you from the distant edge of the tile. After the cut is made correctly, a groove should be visible on the enamel layer covering the tile.
The cutting described in the previous steps is used to perform a direct cut. To make the tile any non-rectilinear forms, water-jet cutting will be needed. The machine for this type of cutting works as follows: water mixed with an abrasive substance, under the strongest pressure enters the machine head. There it passes through the smallest hole of 0.1 mm. A thin stream cuts through the material at high speed. Water cuts granite without disturbing the integrity of the structure, leaving no scoring or chipping. The cutting width varies from 0.5 to 1.5 mm, the accuracy is at least 0.1 mm.