How to cut a movie?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
February 4, 2013
How to cut a movie?

To carry out the experiment you will need:

  1. specific video file
  2. VirtualDub or NanDub Editors
  3. Few minutes time

Cutting a movie with VirtualDub

We offer instructions on how to cut a movie into parts using one of the editors - VirtualDub:

  1. Download the VirtualDub video editor at one of the specialized sites.
  2. Open our video file. To do this, press the hot keys Ctrl + O and look for the movie on the hard disk. You can also transfer the desired file using the mouse to the program. The first frames of the film should appear.
  3. If this does not happen, and the PC displays an error message, most likely you do not have a suitable codec for the program. Download it for free on the Internet.
  4. When the codecs are installed, try again to download the program and open the video, as described in paragraph 2.
  5. Now we study the question of how to cut a film. Let us measure the time frame of the first passage. To do this, select its beginning: use the mouse to drag the slider under the frame to the required place.You can use the transition with one step per frame (right-left arrow buttons), in increments of 50 frames (press Alt and arrows), in increments between the necessary frames (press Shift and arrows).
  6. When the necessary place to start the future plot is found, fix it with the slider using the Home key or the mouse (click on the first button with a half-arrow on the toolbar). If everything is done correctly, the corresponding mark will appear on the search bar.
  7. Now part of the strip was supposed to be blue.
  8. Select the end of the frame. Again, using the slider, we are looking for the right moment and fix the place with the End key or the mouse, by clicking on the second half-arrow on the toolbar.
  9. We make video processing so that the finished video does not exceed the required volume. To do this, find the menu Video, and in it - Direct stream copy. Now frames will be cut without conversion.
  10. We come up with the name of the video and save it. To do this, press F7. In the menu that appears, select File, and then Save as AVI. We are looking for the desired path, type in the name in the window and click "Save".

Keep in mind that the checkbox in the lower left corner of the window should be empty. Otherwise, the task will be in the queue until the F4 key is pressed and the execution command is executed.