How to cut and paste in photoshop?

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How to cut and paste in photoshop?

The ability to cut and paste in Photoshop refers to the basics of working in this program. Using these skills, you can easily combine several photos in one, make a montage or even animate a picture for use in online diaries.

Mastering the basic features of the most common graphic editor is not at all difficult.

Earlier we touched on this topic in articles How to cut an object in Photoshop and How to insert a picture into a picture in Photoshop.

How to cut in Photoshop

As a rule, the term “cut” means the creation of a layer from an image or a part of it for subsequent work on it, for example, moving to another image. For this it is convenient to use the following tools:

  • Rectangular area - allows you to capture the desired part in a square;
  • Oval area - allows you to capture an object in a circle or oval;
  • Lasso - selection of objects of arbitrary shapes manually;
  • Rectilinear lasso - selects an object manually using straight lines;
  • Magnetic lasso - allows you to select a part on the border of colors automatically.

To cut a face from an already open photo:

  1. choose the tool “Magnetic lasso” (this is more convenient in our case);
  2. move the cursor to the border;
  3. press the left mouse button and gently circle the contours of the face (if necessary, put more control points);
  4. when the contour closes move the cursor inside it and press the right mouse button;
  5. select the item “Copy to new layer”.

How to insert in Photoshop

The resulting layer can now be moved inside this photo or moved outside of it to another. For this you need:

  1. select the Move tool in the left pane;
  2. hold down the left mouse button on the new layer and drag it from one photo to another.

Following this instruction, you can create an unlimited number of layers. You can select them for later use using the Layers panel, which is opened by clicking the button of the same name on the right toolbar.

After insertion, it is often necessary to adjust the layer to the overall proportions, process the edges, level the color balance and carry out other necessary actions.