How to cut a tile?

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How to cut a tile?

Cosmetic or overhaul of a house or apartment is a fairly large number of various works. Repair in the bathroom or in the kitchen very often involves the replacement or laying of ceramic tiles. It is good if a whole number of tiles clearly fit within the width of the area with tiles and there is no need to trim a number of tiles, but, unfortunately, such a coincidence is quite rare. In most cases, you need to cut the tile, adjusting its size.

How to cut the tile so that the resulting cut was smooth and neat? Ceramics is not a soft wood or malleable metal. Ceramic tiles can not be cut with a knife or saw. For cutting tiles, there are special tools, but in their absence, you can use the tools available in each household, given the specifics of the material being cut. Next, we consider how to cut ceramic tiles with the least loss of time and effort.

Slicing tile tile cutter

The easiest and most reliable way to cut ceramic tile is using tile cutters. Tile cutters are manual and semi-automatic.The latter are used, as a rule, in large construction organizations and are intended for processing large amounts of raw material. We are more interested in manual tile cutters - they are compact, extremely easy to use, provide an even and clean chip, do not make noise, and do not give dust and debris.

Even if you do not know how to cut a tile with a tile cutter, you can master this process in just a few minutes and in one or two damaged tiles. The tile cutter itself is extremely simple: a base-bed, on which two guides are fixed, and a lever sliding along them with a handle and a cutting wheel.

The rules for cutting tiles with a tile cutter are quite simple:

  • tiles are pre-neatly laid out with a regular marker or building pencil;
  • neatly fits into the tile cutter so that the marking line coincides with the guide line on the frame;
  • holding the tile in place with one hand, second move the lever so that the cutting wheel is at the end of the marking line near you;
  • with a slight pressure, hold the cutting wheel along the entire marking line.The pressure is different for different types of tiles, so it may well be that you ruin a couple of tiles until you select the desired mode. (It is recommended to make an incision in one pass - this results in a more even and neat split);
  • By turning the lever knob, lower the petals located near the base of the knob and press the lever to split the tile into two parts.

How to cut tile without tile cutter?

If during the repair you need to cut one or two tiles, then the purchase of a tile cutter becomes impractical. In this case, you can choose one of the following options:

  1. Contact the glass workshop. Experts quickly and accurately cut you the right amount of tile. If there are few tiles, then the cost of work will be low. The disadvantage of the method is a significant loss of time.
  2. Cut the tile with an angle grinder and diamond disc. The disadvantage of the method is a lot of noise and dust, a high probability of spoiling the tile, we need some experience in dealing with angle grinders.
  3. Cut tile using jigsaw and diamond saws. Disadvantages - low speed. Dignity - the only way to make curved cuts in ceramics.
  4. Cut the tile with a conventional glass cutter. The most affordable way to cut ceramic tiles without special equipment. Consider it in more detail.

How to cut a tile with a glass cutter?

First of all it is necessary to choose the glass cutter itself The best fit roller - it will provide the most even groove. To facilitate splitting, it is recommended to pre-hold the tile for 4-5 hours in cold water. Further, everything looks like cutting with the help of a tile cutter, only all by hand.

  • You mark the incision line, put a metal ruler along the line and with glass push the glass cutter along the ruler. If necessary, perform this procedure several times until you get a groove of the desired depth.
  • Then you lay the tile on a flat hard surface, placing a pair of matches under it or a thin nail without a cap along the line of the split, and sharply press the edges of the tile with your hands. With a properly made groove, the tile will crack exactly along the line and it will only be necessary to refine the edge with a grinding stone if necessary.

Instead of a split on studs or matches, a split at the edge of the table is often practiced.The tile is laid on the edge in such a way that the line of the groove goes strictly along the edge and by sharp pressing the hanging edge the tile splits into two parts.

On the Internet now you can find a sufficiently large number of videos on this topic, in any case, the text can not tell more clearly than the video. How to cut the tile you already know, it remains to put their knowledge into practice.