How to dance step?

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How to dance step?

There is hardly a person in the world who does not like dancing. There are many types of dance: slow and rhythmic, folk and modern. But they are united by one thing - a special technique of movements.

One type of dance is tap or tap dance. The essence of the dance lies in the movements of the legs - clear rhythmic movements that resemble beats. Many people mistakenly believe that in order to learn how to dance a step, you need to have special training. In fact, it is quite simple to dance a step, it is important to know the basic movements and techniques.

How to learn to dance step: basic steps

The main element of step - step. Its feature is that the dancer takes a step, but at the same time remains in place.

The simplest steps in dance are step and hop. Hop is a single simple stroke, and step is a simple strike with the toe of any leg, while the weight of the body is transferred to the active leg, and the heel does not touch the floor.

There are several basic types of dance steps:

  • Ball-change
  • Flap
  • Brush
  • Shuffle

In order to perform ball-change, you must first hit the right foot on the floor, and then hit the left toe.Further, these movements alternate.

To perform flap, you need to stand on the right foot, hit the heel, and then the toe of your left foot. Next, put the left foot on the floor and repeat the movement with the right foot.

The brush step is performed as follows: you need to push the foot forward and hit the heel, then move the foot back and hit the toe.

The movement of the shuffle is performed in much the same way as flap, the only difference is that when making beats, you need to lean forward slightly and set your foot, taking a step forward.

Other important elements

Also important elements of dance are the steps:

  • Stomp
  • Stamp
  • Flap heel
  • Falling off the log

To perform a stomp step, you must take the usual step with your left foot, while raising your right foot to the toe. At the same time, the weight of the body is left on the right leg. After that, you must return the left leg to its original position. The essence of the movement is that the left leg should bounce off the floor.

Stamp is also performed as a Stomp, only the foot that makes a punch does not bounce, but remains on the floor.

The Flap heel element is the same as flap, but the heel strike is done twice, not just one.

To perform the Falling Off The Log, you need to run the toe of the right foot on the floor, then hit them.Next, do the same with your left foot.

Bundles in steppe

To make a dance out of individual elements, you must perform the steps in a certain sequence, for example, stomp - hop - step - flap - step - stomp - hop - step - flap - step. After these movements, you can go to a bunch of hop - shuffle - step - stomp. All movements must be carried out consistently and clearly.

Drum step

The elements of the steppe became the basis for a new generation of dance culture - drum-step. Basic movement - quick alternation of heel and toe strikes on the floor. You must first perform a heel kick, then a toe. Next, change the leg and alternate movement in time with the music.

The whole dance is built on transitions from the basic movement to more complex elements - jumps, swing legs, 360-degree turns. At the beginning of training, it is recommended to put your foot correctly at once - slightly at an angle, and dance in comfortable sports shoes.

In order to learn how to dance tap dance, drum-step or any other dance, you need to train regularly and practice in a good mood - then the dance will be a pleasure!