How to decorate a homemade cake?

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How to decorate a homemade cake?

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine any solemn event without a festive cake. It's no secret that a cake that is baked at home is tastier a hundred times more than that purchased in a store. And if you take care of the decoration, then the usual pastries will be the pastry masterpiece of art.

How to decorate a homemade cake: options

If you are planning to bake a cake on your own at a regular holiday, then you should think in advance how you will decorate it.

Decorate with fruit

Fruits are cut very thin, spread on top of the finished cake or pour jelly. Only fresh fruits and berries are suitable for this purpose; therefore, it is possible to select options for decorating a homemade cake with fruit only in the summer-autumn period. For example, we take large grapes, cut them in half, cut into thin slices apples, pears. Then arrange the fruit in a circle, alternating pears and apples with grapes, the middle can be decorated with a whole grape of a different color.

We decorate with mastic

It is quite simple to make mastic at home; various figures can be made from it quite well. Having added food dye to mastic, it is possible to receive a decor of bright saturated colors. The simplest option is to mix powdered sugar, powdered milk and condensed milk in equal proportions. The mixture should be kneaded to the consistency of clay - mastic is ready!

Chocolate decorating

Chocolate can make leaves, flowers or figures. To do this, ordinary chocolate (in tiles or weighed out) must be kept in a water bath to a liquid consistency. If you make chocolate figurines, you just need to pour it into special molds. To prepare the leaves, you should take the usual leaves with clearly defined veins, brush chocolate on them and send them for half an hour to the fridge on a tray.

We decorate with cream

Cream - a traditional decoration for most cakes, they can draw a variety ofCakepatterns, leaves and flowers. To do this, fit the usual cream cream, for the preparation of which will need half a liter of thick cream and a half cup of sugar, beat. If the mass is not thick enough, you can add a thickener.Then the resulting mass is spread in an envelope of wax paper, put on it the desired nozzle and squeezed patterns on the surface of the cake.

If you are interested in other ways to decorate the cake, we recommend reading the article How to decorate a cake.

Choosing a cake shape

You can also express your imagination in choosing a cake mold. Very original options, when the birthday man receives as a gift not a round or rectangular cake, but a dessert of the original form. Most often you can find cakes in the form of:

  • books,Cake
  • pillows,
  • chests,
  • soccer balls
  • phones,
  • numbers
  • cartoon characters,
  • sculptural images of the female breast, lips, other parts of the body.