How to define fur?

Changing clothes is an integral part of every person’s life. However, when choosing a fur coat, it is necessary to know how to define fur, so as not to remain deceived.

How to determine the natural fur

First and foremost, one should not hurry anywhere: when choosing such a thing, spare no time - and it will serve more than one year. If the coat fits the size and style, check with the seller the manufacturer and country. High-quality manufacturers do not stint on the creation of identification marks for their products: these can be the names of companies sewn into the inner seams, as well as a special pattern on the lining.

Then proceed to the determination of the quality of fur.

How to determine the quality of fur

As easy as pie. Natural fur will be pleasant to the touch, and have a shine. If you hold a high-quality fur against wool, the villi will not break or shed. If you squeeze the lower part of the fur product, then after a few seconds, the fur should be completely finished.

When buying an ultra-modern dyed fur coat, run a light cloth over it.If there are divorces, the quality of this thing is doubtful and it is better to refuse the purchase. It is also worth to smell this product: it should not contain a sharp and unpleasant smell.

The next stage of the inspection is to check the quality of the seams. The seam should be smooth, with small stitching and slightly convex. In those fur coats where there is none, most likely the seams are glued. In the conditions of our humid climate, such compounds will begin to “creep away” after just a few walks, which is unlikely to please the owner.

How to determine which fur

So, when determining the mink fur, it must be remembered that such a fur coat will have a long and slightly stiff fur. When a rabbit and a woodchuck have soft fur (most often “wise” sellers call their fur, mink fur). But to distinguish the "fox tail" can be on the characteristic colors: gray, white and black. A fur coat made of beaver fur will have a soft down, unlike nutria. It is also necessary to fully inspect the product: the fur should have the same length everywhere. On the fur coat should not be any scuffs. Especially carefully it is necessary to look around the sleeves: the slope of the fur should not change.

So, how to define fur coats - understood. Now we will tell about the warmest and durable furs.

Otter fur is the most stable in the socks process. Then come fox, mink and beaver. These coats will not require much attention and extra care, unlike the rabbit and chinchilla. And the warmest are sable and fox.

Where better to buy a fur coat

Undoubtedly, the choice of place of purchase is the most important part. The acquisition of such things must be made in specialized stores or boutiques. The reason for this is customer reviews that are taken care of by these organizations. Therefore, the probability of finding a fake in such places is very small. Do not forget about the warranty on the fur product. On average, one year warranty is provided. However, individual sellers (usually in large stores) provide it for two years.

It is also worth noting that the discount on fur products can not be more than 25 - 30%. This is due to the fact that a certain fashion on the model of fur coats is quite conservative. Therefore, stores will not make huge discounts on products of the past season.If the seller invites such an offer, it is better to just pass by ...

Before buying, you can see the presented models in online stores. View the various furs, addresses of shops, as well as read the reviews of the owners of such things. They can give good advice on care, talk about the merits and indicate weaknesses. After you decide on the type of fur, and the model, you can go shopping. Sellers in specialized stores will do everything possible to leave a positive impression, both during the purchase and during use.

So, now it is clear how to determine the quality of mink fur, unlike any other. Also decided on the sequence of actions when buying. And the most important:

  • First we collect information about the necessary product.
  • learn about the features of care and socks
  • compare prices
  • clarify the warranty period
  • inspect the product, we carry out a series of simple checks
  • Now you can buy.

By completing these simple steps, you can purchase a quality item that will last a long time and will only please. Successes!