How to determine the composition of the mixture

You will need
  • - apparatus for distillation;
  • - flasks;
  • - filter.
If it comes to chemical mixtures, thencompositionAs a rule, it turns out empirically. To do this you will need a distillation apparatus. The mixture is placed in special flasks. Then certain components are evaporated with simultaneous measurement of their volume. Other substances turn into sediment and end up on the bottom of the flask. They need to be separated through the filter. Further, using the calculated chemical formulas, based on the resulting values, determinecomposition�and the amount of substances you havemixtures.
If you need to determinecompositionmixtures�concrete, you need to apply other knowledge. For a more detailed analysis, you should knead the concrete solution from a part of the existingmixtures. Such a batch will help you determine the number of basic components. For example, if the concrete, after drying, is too crumbling or crumbling, it means thatcompositione more sand than cement.And the more fray, the more sand.
Specialists can also determine andcompositionmixtures�for the carburetor. To do this, you need to start the vehicle and drive a little on it, changing the speed of movement and engine speed. For these indicators, you can make the first estimates.compositionamixtures. In the case when the speed and speed are reduced, the mixture is used rich. A slight decrease in this indicator indicates that the mixture for the carburetor is enriched. Depleted, it will be if the speed increases, and poor - when the speed is very much increased.