How to disable standby?

Larisa Isaeva
Larisa Isaeva
February 11, 2013
How to disable standby?

Newbies in the use of the PC is dedicated! Standby - energy saving. But sometimes this case is somewhat inappropriate reminds of itself. Standby mode does not delete any files, it just goes into power saving mode. Let us proceed to the question of how to disable the standby mode. So, I present a guide for those whose OS is Windows 7 or Windows XP:

  • Start the computer with administrator rights.
  • Click: Start - Control Panel - Power Supply
  • In the unfolded window you need to find: "Configure a power plan" and click on it.
  • In the new window look out: "Put into sleep (standby)" and select the option "Never" from the list.
  • Save changes.

Note for laptop owners

I draw your attention to the fact that the laptop is running on battery and from the network, so the sleep mode will have to be turned off for both. This is also done through the control panel, or by clicking on the battery icon on the panel in the lower right corner of the desktop.

Disable Hybrid Sleep and Hibernation

If you have a hybrid sleep and hibernation, you can disable them as follows.

  • Start - Control Panel - Power - Additional power options.
  • A window has opened, and there is the "Sleep" option, and next to it is a plus sign, which we click on.
  • Find "Allow hybrid sleep mode?" In the list of options, select "Off."
  • Now disable the function of automatic transition to hibernation mode as follows: Hibernation after - Value - Status = 0 - Apply - OK

Absolutely similarly, you can turn off the "Sleep" mode in the "Sleep After" item. This guide provides information on how to disable standby mode: Windows 7. Go ahead.

Windows XP

To disable standby mode in Windows XP, you should call: Start - Control Panel - Power Management Schemes - Standby Mode - Never. Do not forget to save the settings. It is impossible to completely block the "Standby" button in Windows XP. I hope my guide has come to your rescue. Good luck!