How to dive plants

You will need
  • - seedlings;
  • - Earth;
  • - pots or large boxes;
  • - tweezers or a sharp peg;
  • - water.
Make sure thatplantsalready grown up enough for picks. Early transplant they suffer poorly. However, it is possible in the case of certain diseases of seedlings.
Spill the soil with the seedlings, which will dive, with plenty of water. This should be done immediately before you sit down.plantsin different drawers.
Prepare pots of soil into which seedlings will be transplanted. To do this, mix together one part of the sand and fertile land and two parts of peat. If you have harvested all these components yourself, then you should ensure that they are free from weed seeds. This mixture also needs to be well spilled with water and lightly tamped.
Make in the ground with a sharp peg or tweezers holes 5-6 centimeters deep. Carefully separating one sprout from another with tweezers, divide the required number of seedlings.You should choose only healthy and strong ones, but you should throw away the weak ones.
Transfer them to the prepared pits and press firmly with the ground. It is important to make sure that there is no air around the roots, from which they can dry out.
Spill the ground with plenty of water so that it settles. If the seedlings are large, watering is carried out from above. If the sprouts can easily be washed out with water, then water the bottom. Put the pots in trays and spray water from the sprayer on top.
For the first three to four days, while seedlings are rooting, drawers or pots with it, put them in a cool place with high humidity and protect them from strong sunlight. When the seedlings take root, they can be put back on the window sill, because they still need the sun's rays.
Land in the open ground as soon as the weather is warm outside and the threat of frost is reduced.