How to make crafts using quilling

Quilling for children can become a real fascinating hobby if they master the basic technique of manufacturing its basic elements. This is a very interesting activity that perfectly develops the motor skills of the hands, imagination, patience and perseverance, allows the kids to reveal themselves and the wealth of their inner world. Many children, learning to create masterpieces in the technique of quilling with their own hands, do not part with this occupation even after they become old enough, and continue to improve their skills, bringing to life incredible surprisingly airy and tender images.

 Quilling for beginners. Schemes, master classes with photos

Quilling for beginners. Schemes, master classes with photos

In order to master quilling, for beginners, you will need to prepare in advance all the necessary materials and tools for quilling.First of all, they will need:

colored paper (two-sided, well fixing the form);

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Colored paper

metal ruler and clerical knife to cut paper;

you can use factory strips of paper specially designed for quilling, if they fit in width and length - with ready-made stripes for babies it will be much easier to work ;

 Strips for quilling

Stripes for quilling

bifurcated rod (wooden stick, awl, toothpick with a slot in the center) - you can find it in the shop of materials for creativity;

Split and ordinary awl for quilling

Forked and ordinary awl for quilling

special stencil (you can make it yourself from thick cardboard using a pair of dividers);

 Quilling stencil

Quilling stencil


nail scissors (needed for cuttingfringe);

stationery glue;

compasses and a pencil (needed for applying the scheme);

a toothpick or cotton swab (for applying a small amount of glue).

The basic quilling technique is paper burn. To master it, with a compass or stencil, draw a simple scheme on paper. You can use ready-made schemes, but usually they are much more complicated.

Make the basic element of quilling - roll. To do this, take a strip of paper, hook it with a forked end of the rod