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YouTube is everywhere!

YouTube video hosting (YouTube) offers a large selection of materials. You can find anything there. That's why many Internet users are interested in how to download videos from YouTube for free. Reasons to search for opportunities to save your favorite movie a lot. And everyone has his own. Let's look at different ways how to download videos from YouTube.


Site Answer as offers some simple solutions to this problem. The entire download process will take no more than a few minutes. Having figured out how to download videos from YouTube, you will understand that this is easier than downloading videos from rutub or contact. As usual, all materials are accompanied by photos and videos.


Someone wants to constantly watch some plots in the mobile phone, someone is more pleasant to watch on the big screen of the TV. But the fact is that some materials may be protected by copyright law. Remember, all downloaded from YouTube videos are designed for home viewing, and not for commercial purposes.



How to download video from YouTube (YouTube) using savefrom



The most popular method of downloading videos from YouTube is the online service savefrom. It provides users with direct download links. Simply put, in the request field, enter a link to the video in YouTube, and after a certain time you will receive a download link to your computer (laptop).


savefrom photo

So download YouTube videos using savefrom, which is shown in this photo.

Now more about how to download from YouTube for free by this method.

  • From the address bar of the browser, copy the link to the video you like. Please note that you need a link from the browser, and not the one that is below the player.
  • On the savefrom service website we insert this link into the search box and click the “Download” button.
  • In a few seconds, the preview of the plot being downloaded and possible resolutions will appear.
  • Choose what suits you and click on the name of the resolution. Everything, the process has begun.


This service can download videos not only from YouTube, but also from the contact. Although this was a separate article. Have you forgotten how to download songs from a contact? For especially lazy, you can install an extension for your favorite browser. It will offer links to download on any site with videos.For convenience, the script is transferred to the bookmarks or favorites of your browser. There are many options for using the script. For this, there is even a help section on the manufacturer’s website.


To consolidate the material studied (as in school), watch a video on this topic.



How to download videos from YouTube (YouTube) using savetube



The second most popular site is savetube. Talk about fundamental differences can not be. These services are very similar to the method of downloading videos from YouTube. There are minor differences in the details.

savetube photo

So download YouTube videos using savetube, which is shown in this photo.


To complete the work and free download you need a java distribution. It can be found on the Internet at


How to download a video from YouTube with the help of savetube consider in more detail.

  • The link from the address bar of the browser is copied and inserted into the savetube request window.
  • After clicking on the Video button, java will start. In the tray about this will be a message. (The bottom of the screen on the right, near the clock).
  • A window will pop up with a warning that you haven’t downloaded anything from here before and that you are sure of your choice. Feel free to agree. "Yes" or "Run."
  • Choose a link to download the video from YouTube in the desired size.


If the question of how to download videos from YouTube with the help of savetube is relevant for you, then watch the video and everything will become clear as day.



How to download videos from YouTube (YouTube) with keepvid



keepvid photo

So download YouTube videos with the keepvid program,what is shown in this photo.


The next interesting service is keepvid. Works without problems. Quick and good. The download mechanism is no different from the above. Also requires the installation of the java distribution. Download via YouTube any video is not difficult.



How to download videos from YouTube (YouTube) using the browser extension video downloadhelper



You can download videos via YouTube in a completely different way. It is more acceptable to those users who shake a lot and often. When using video downloadhelper, you do not need to frequently jump from one site to another. This extension works with one of the most common browsers - Mozilla. But there are similar extensions for others. Having established such an innovation, you will be able to get a direct link to download on any website with video materials.


video downloadhelper photo

Downloading video using video downloadhelper.


A small instruction how to download from YouTube for free using video downloadhelper.

  • On the official website of the browser we find the tab “Install extension”.
  • After Mozilla restarts, a new icon will appear in the form of three spheres of yellow, blue and red.If the site has something to download, then they begin to spin and pour.
  • If you are interested in the proposed video, then click on the small triangle near these spheres.
  • A window will appear with options for different extensions of this video. You just have to choose the right one.


The possibilities for Mozilla extensions are many. About them you can write a separate article. But the format of the site is the answer as it does not fit. So, if there is a desire and necessity, then you can figure it out for yourself. In the meantime, you can see how to download videos from YouTube using video downloadhelper.



The next section is devoted to methods that allow you to download videos via YouTube using programs.