How to draw a snow maiden?

Tatyana Goenko
Tatyana Goenko
January 24, 2013
How to draw a snow maiden?

In children, as a rule, the New Year is a bright and colorful holiday. That is why every child wants to know how to draw a Snow Maiden, Santa Claus or a New Year tree. Since New Year in the winter, then the Snow Maiden needs to be drawn in warm clothes. This is a fur coat, mittens, kokoshnik or fur hat. This girl is a true standard of Russian beauty: long hair, beautiful face and slim figure.

In order to draw one of the main characters of the New Year's fairy tale, you need to take colored pencils or paints and drawing paper. Consider how to draw the Snow Maiden in stages.

  1. The sheet must be positioned vertically. To begin with, we draw in basic pencil the basic elements of the Snow Maiden's figure: the head, the outlines of a fur coat, and the hands. Usually depict a figure corresponding to the standard proportions of female beauty. An obligatory element in the image of the Snow Maiden is a long braid to the waist. Draw the contours of the braid.
  2. Next, draw the contour of the sleeves, make them voluminous.They should be flared to the bottom and hang below the level of the brushes. We add volume to the hair, gathered in a braid and add a fur collar of a fur coat, sleeves of inner clothing.
  3. Detailing the picture. Draw eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips. Usually in fairy tales the Snow Maiden is depicted as kind, but sad, because according to legends she lives not for long. Therefore, the facial features should be beautiful and sophisticated.
  4. We draw hands in mittens, and shod feet in elegant boots. The fur coat covers them almost completely, only triangular socks look out of it. The fur coat is depicted in the boyar style, so the cuffs, sides and floors are trimmed with fur.
  5. The fabulous image of the Snow Maiden is completed by a beautiful kokoshnik, its edges are depicted in the form of star rays. In order to simplify the drawing of a headdress, you first need to draw a semicircle around the head, and then break it into several segments. And on each of them draw a prong.
  6. The final stage will be the decoration of the Snow Maiden. Cold paints are commonly used. And the fur coat is decorated with frosty patterns and stars. And with the help of shiny paints make it look like a brocade. The Snow Maiden has a pale complexion, but there is a pink blush on her cheeks. The eyes are blue and the hair color is golden.

We have examined in detail how to learn to draw a Snow Maiden.It is quite simple. Moreover, it is not necessary to draw everything in detail. Even a child can draw a snow maiden.