How to draw Claudine Woolf?

Veronika Bychkova
Veronika Bychkova
September 19, 2014
How to draw Claudine Woolf?

Claudine Wulf - one of the heroines of the cartoon about the life of children of famous monsters "School of Monsters High". In this series, you can meet the daughters of Dracula and Frankenstein, the beloved son of Medusa Gorgon. These characters have all the attributes in the style of "fantasy", they are so adorable that they really liked modern children. A lot of Monster High dolls were created along the plot line of the cartoon. But children also like to draw their favorite characters.

With the help of our instructions, you will learn how to draw charming monsters no worse than others. So let's start drawing Claudine Wolf in stages.

Stage 1

Begin to draw with a rounded head. If you do not dare or think that it will not work, then you can draw a circle with a compass. Click on the pencil lightly toClaudine Wolfeall sketch sketches could then be erased.

Stage 2

Draw a line in the middle of your circle and just below to make a marking of the face and neck. Below the neckline we draw an inverted triangle with a ruler - this is a sketch of the body.Below the torso we draw a compass circle - this is the hips.

Stage 3

With the help of straight and curved lines, we draw the hands and feet of the monster Claudin, and also draw her curvaceous curls based on our imagination.

Stage 4

Claudine Wulf has an almond-shaped eye section, so they can be depicted as flower petals and draw dark pupils. The nose and lips in the cartoon are presented in the form of small hearts. So we will depict them. A very important attribute of the character is the ears, depicted as large curved petals, like a wolf.