How to draw a hulk?

The image of your favorite characters, such as the Hulk, may seem like quite a challenge. But you can easily handle this if you know how to draw the Hulk in stages.

  • Step 1. To begin with, we draw several circles:
    • two ovals - a sketch of the muscles of the chest and shoulders;
    • on three small circles from two sides - muscles on hands;
    • a circle resembling an egg — which determines the shape and location of the head;
    • knee circles.

Well, the shape of the formidable giant is ready! Now let's look at how to draw the Hulk in pencil, step by step.

  • Step 2. At this stage, we will begin to draw the body of the Hulk. Using the guide lines, which we have already plotted on the drawing at the previous stage, draw the muscles of the body and the head. We specify the line of ferocious physiognomy. At the same time, the axes of the eyebrows, nose, and mimic folds are reduced to a single point in order to emphasize the fierce facial expression. Draw the mouth, wrinkles around the mouth. Next, draw the ears and proceed to the next step.
  • Step 3. At this stage we start drawing chest muscles, making them more realistic.After that, go to the left hand. We begin to draw her as if she is stretched towards us and her fingers are twisted. It will be easier to portray the hands in a half-closed state. Similarly, draw a second hand. The aggressive facial expression that we tried to depict at the previous stage is complemented by the forward inclination of the figure and the position of the Hulk's hands. In this way, we give the overall look of the character a threatening look. Next, go to the drawing of the inner thighs. We draw curved lines, depicting pants and forming contour lines of the muscles of the legs.
  • Step 4. This step will include more detailed drawing. We make wrinkles and wrinkles on the face and abdomen more expressive. Gradually getting to his feet, we depict torn pants. More closely stop on the feet and fingers. Since the legs of a giant are very large, drawing them is not so difficult.
  • Step 5. Now that the main lines have already been drawn, you should do your hair. Next, draw the teeth and fingernails. More clearly highlight the outlines of the muscles of the legs. At the end of this stage, you can move on.
  • Step 6. Now we are going to draw the folds on the clothes of Hulk, which are quite a lot,because the monster's figure is tilted forward. They create a sense of readiness to make the next move. Copy their location from the image. Now back to the drawing of hands and draw on the muscles of the vein, speaking from the tension. We specify the details of the feet: fingers, nails, muscles. We will try to express in this figure the entire massiveness of the Hulk’s muscle mass.
  • Step 7. So let me introduce to you a unique, stunning Hulk! Figure is complete. He took a lot of time, but the result was worth it. Congratulations! You have worked well! Now that you know how to draw a Hulk, you can save the resulting drawing in this form, or color it, making it even more expressive and similar to the original.

How to draw hulk

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