How to dress in a crisis? Tips fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev

We all fear the crisis in panic, and none of us have a clear understanding of how long our economy will be stormy. However, I urge everyone not to forget about one universal expression - C'est la vie. That is life! From us absolutely nothing depends, so treating the crisis should be philosophical, as a health orderer, thanks to which out of fashion will leave many tasteless and senseless brands, untalented designers and bloated icons of style.

Recently, in every second interview I was asked the same question: how to look stylish with modest incomes? Can I afford a style? I do not get tired of answering: style does not depend on income at all!

The style in your speech, posture, gait, style comes from the inside. As for the choice of clothes, it is important to remember that for every expensive and trendy thing there is its more affordable alternative.

In our country there are very talented designers who produce elegant, stylish, and, most importantly, inexpensive clothes. For example, Kirill Gasilin, who creates models not only for nymphs, as most domestic designers do, but also for volumes of the average Russian woman. Thanks to the humane pricing policy and the magnificent color palette of Cyrille Gassiline brand dresses, women are happy to purchase them both for everyday life and for publication.

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The crisis will make people save and more rational approach to the issue of renewal of the wardrobe. In the next two years, no messy and impulsive purchases! It is extremely unacceptable and unprofitable to buy everything in sales and fill the cabinet with things without having thought out in advance the prospect of using them. There is such a sin for women - first to buy, and then belatedly puzzled: why, I have nothing to wear this skirt with! And if, according to Tsvetaeva, the scream of women of all times “My dear, what have I done to you”, then the problem of women of all times according to Vasilyev is nothing to wear and no place to hang. In an era of crisis, chaotic shopaholism is best fought, coming to shopping from a practical, aesthetic and intellectual point of view.

Things, first of all, should be according to your figure: follow the silhouette line - it is not necessary that your clothes be covered. Secondly, clothes should match your age and profession. Thirdly, things in your wardrobe should be combined with each other - this is what will save you in a crisis.

If we talk about fashionable shades, then, of course, it should be noted the dominance of black and white colors. Someone will say: what kind of depressive tones are now in fashion! And I will object: but elegant! Gamma of white shades will be used everywhere, especially in summer, as it happens in all crisis periods - this was the case in the crisis of 1929, and it was also in the 30s under the totalitarian regime.

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Today, all the shades of red are also in trend - from coral to marsala (according to the name of Marseille wine), which, in my opinion, is also a response of fashion designers to conflicts taking place in Ukraine. From here, all shades of blue - from blue to dark ultramarine and all shades of yellow - have emerged into trends. Obviously, world fashion houses wanted to support Ukraine as far as possible by including its national colors in their collections.

Do not forget that fashion is a mirror of history that reflects everything that is happening in the world, mainly in the political, economic, geopolitical and social aspects. And designers who are not at all celestials, idly existing in an ivory tower, live the most ordinary life and today's reality has the greatest impact on them and on their creativity. Therefore, the crisis situation, in which we all fell, and the paranoia that is developing in this connection in Russia, it certainly affects the character of the fashion of today.

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Realizing all this, we are not surprised that one of the trends in the crisis season of spring and summer 2015 is a military theme with its khaki color and sand colors, with metal accessories, shoulder straps, patch pockets, riding breeches and other paramilitary items. Outlined the military theme of the Islamic state and the Donbass. And, if we talk about the direction of fashion associated with Islamic states, then the first trend of the season is, of course, the beard of all mods. In Moscow, opened a lot of exclusively male beauty salons, where, in addition to hairdressers, there was such a regular unit as a barber.Besides the fact that all modern dandies now wear a beard, they do not wear socks. And this is also Islamic influence. After all, namaz requires men who practice Islam to take off their socks five times a day to wash their feet. It is not comfortable. Therefore, Muslim countries often do without socks at all. Gradually, the absence of this garment became fashionable everywhere. Every now and then we see young men in shorter trousers on the streets of various cities of the world, exposing the ankle without any hint of a sock.

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In order to dress stylishly, it is not necessary to run to the store and quickly buy new things, according to the trends. Find out what colors, shapes and accessories are now especially in fashion and look through your wardrobe. You will surely find the blouse of the current pale pink or pale blue color. Or, to the delight of yourself and your budget, you will find a mimosa-colored dress bought in the delirium heat, which, in contrast, is also the trend of spring. In the end, make your image memorable with an accessory. For example, I promote scarves, many of which are quite inexpensive.You can find bright gloves, even if made in China, but in trendy colors. Or get a couple of belts in a cage, a strip and peas - geometry today is in great favor.

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Sew who can. But now so few people can sew.

Everyone was so absorbed by the Internet that they were ready, rather, to sit for hours on Facebook and on Odnoklassniki, but would never sit down at the sewing machine and would not take up the spokes

The computer, in my opinion, killed a lot of female skills. And a crisis is the time when these skills are worth remembering.

Look for original things in second-hand. I declare as a specialist: second-hand crisis - the best gift for women! There you can find a lot of valuable, interesting, even original, for little money. Going to stores of this kind is not at all embarrassing, understand this. After all, we all love vintage and retro style. In addition, today there are second-hand specializing in things of the most noble origin.