How to equip a gym at home

If you have a firm intention to create a gym at home, you should know how to choose the right room, how to equip it and how to furnish it with sports equipment.
Choice of room
The main requirement for the room is good ventilation. During active exercise, the body requires an increased flow of oxygen, and if you breathe in the exhaust air, it can cause an attack of asphyxiation. Yes, and the meaning of the whole venture will be reduced to zero, since nothing but harm to health, such exercises will not bring.
As for the size of the room, if you do not set yourself the goal of becoming a professional athlete, then even the usual wide loggia will be suitable for you to exercise. But if you have big plans and you see a sports future in front of you, then you will need a room of at least 20 square meters. m, especially if you are going to engage in martial arts.
The floor in the room should be soft enough, but not with a carpet covering, as it collects dust. It is best if the floor is covered with linoleum.If you are going to deal with heavy sports equipment, then do not forget about the neighbors below. In this case, purchase mats.
Arrangement of premises
In the room should be a mirror, but rather a few. Often fitness classes require control of the correctness of movements.
If there is no wiring in the selected room, then you will have to carry it out, as there should be equipment in the home gym for playing audio. The higher nervous system is mobilized to music, and the person feels the pleasure of the synchronism of his movements with the rhythm of his favorite music.
Choice of sports equipment
Depending on your goals, aspirations and individual health indicators, you should equip your home gym with certain sports equipment.
If your sports needs are small and you just want to keep your body in good shape, you need the following:
- cardio;
- dumbbells;
- expander;
- Swedish wall or wall horizontal bar.
In the above list, the cardiovascular machine is central. Cardiovascular machines are called a whole group of devices that are designed to keep the cardiovascular system first and foremost, and this is much more important for health than having developed muscles.The most common types of cardiovascular machines are a treadmill, exercise bike, stepper, and ellipsoid.
This minimum set of sports equipment will not only “keep the shape”, but also occupy a minimum of useful living space, which is very important for owners of small apartments.
If your task is to become not only healthy but also a strong person, then you will have to do strength exercises. For this purpose, there are traditional sports equipment and modern simulators. Conventional sports equipment for strength training - weights, bars, barbell, etc. As for power trainers, there are several types of them, depending on the muscle groups that need to be developed.
However, in order to equip a home gym, it is wiser to purchase a universal simulator that combines several functions, and also does not take very much space.