How to excite a man?

The rule that only a man should take the initiative in order to get closer to a woman is hopelessly outdated. Even in the Middle Ages, tired of their sluggish and boring wives, mature men went to the homes of comfort, where they were met by the sorceress of love comfort, who could deliver unearthly pleasure to the stopping traveler. What is the most ancient secret of seduction and arousal of a man? How to excite a man who wants you, how to give him pleasure, not limited to directly sexual intercourse?

“You will become a real geisha only when you can hit a man with one glance” (c / f “Memoirs of a Geisha”) - we will not strive for such a high goal, but we will try to understand how to excite a man from a distance, how to interest him and seduce .

The degree of tricks that a woman should resort to in order to arouse a man depends in most cases on the relationship that binds her and the object of her sighing. If this is just the beginning love affair, then a languid glance and a mysterious smile will suffice, as if hinting at what a woman desires.If you have been married for a long time and want to rekindle former passion, then more explicit hints will be required. So, we will act at the level of the three senses.

Look in my eyes. I said eyes

The beaten phrase about the fact that men love with their eyes is as true as they are old. But not thrown on the table chest of any size can quickly excite a man, but on the contrary, the mystery and seductive mystery. Slipped strap bra, gum or garter from stockings, naked body under a translucent white shirt (dry or "accidentally" soaked in the rain or shower), flashed his leg from the cut of a long skirt. Deep plunging or short dress can also play the role of an aphrodisiac, but only if your man rarely saw you in a similar appearance. Bored picture quickly bored, so surprise your chosen one with an unusual sight (erotic costume, striptease, frank lingerie), and the result will justify your efforts.

During the seductive maneuvers to excite men, various videos will also be useful. For example, some men may well get excited if they find their girlfriend “accidentally” watching erotic films or from offering to watch explicit films together.

Here are a few visual techniques for male excitement

  • Stroke yourself as if in fatigue on the neck from behind, rolling his eyes and throwing his head up;
  • Straighten the dress on the figure, smooth it with your palms;
  • Thoughtfully, lightly rub one of these parts of the body: earlobe, part of the neck from ear to chest, knee, wrist, cheekbone;
  • Play with your hair;
  • Pick up a cylindrical or rounded object and roll it thoughtfully, stroke it with your hands.

Let's listen - words that excite men

Of course, there is no unique phrase that excites men, regardless of age or preference. But some sexy words and liberating conversations will help set your loved one to your desired mood. For example, call him and tell me that you are waiting for him at home naked, and you want him to hurry to you. Often, women have a question about how to excite a man by SMS, especially if they are embarrassed to say something out loud. One of my friends wrote her boyfriend the following phrase, which she spied on in one of the series: “If you were here now, my panties would fly off from me so quickly that they would make a hole in China to the floor.”It is not surprising that after such an original message her young man was visiting her in half an hour. The most indecent fantasies that you do not dare to express yourself personally, you can tell your soul mate via SMS. The gradation of obscenity can range from “I really miss you, if you know what I mean ;-)” to detailed descriptions of what you would like to do with him and receive in return. The phone will endure everything, do not hesitate.

You can also try to excite your partner with the help of music, for example, Enigma's melodies often help couples to relax and tune in to the intimate atmosphere. But you should not connect powerful speakers, because there is nothing more seductive than the sounds of your voice and breath. Talk to him, gently find out what he wants.

Someone seduce dirty curses and vulgarity, someone romantic and outspoken confession. Experiment: no matter what kind of record you put, the main thing is that it is not old and familiar.

Let's taste

Aphrodisiacs - aphrodisiac - have already gained the status of a legend in the eyes of women. The art of seduction with smells is anxious to comprehend each, and this skill has long been owned by the most skilled courtesans and mistresses.So how to properly excite a man with the help of smells, which scents conceal ecstasy and pleasure? First of all, cedar, pine aromas and patchouli oil are men's liberating and tantalizing scents. These scents promise the awakening of erotic fantasies, hidden desires and inspire new sexual accomplishments. In addition to these mysterious flavors, chocolate and cinnamon can play an excellent service as an aphrodisiac! So, in addition to fumigating the apartment with pine oils, rush, girls go to the kitchen for fresh pastries or to the bookstore for recipes for seductive pastries. If you are ready for vivid experiments, “reserve” your own body as a dinner table. Of course, from the contemplation of whipped cream and fruit on your chest and other interesting parts of the body, your man will not be able to refrain from immediately starting the “meal”.

Seduce your favorite men - everyone benefits from this. Your man will enjoy his seductive companion, and you will be proud of your ability to use your natural gift to be a woman.