How to feed carrots for growth

A good growth of carrots requires a lot of minerals and other elements, and without a sufficient amount of them, roots can become gnarled and bitter. Therefore, it is very important to feed the culture in time, observing all the proportions when applying fertilizer. So, during growth, vegetables require:

  • Nitrogen. At the beginning of summer, carrot simply needs nitrogen, because without it, the culture cannot build up the tops, and without the good quality of the tops, you should not expect a good harvest.
  • Potassium. This element provides normal photosynthesis, improves plant immunity. If the carrots do not have enough potassium, then it is noticeable in the bottova: the green part of the culture becomes very lush, the leaves become brown. That is, the tops develop to the detriment of the underground part.
  • Phosphorus. Lack of phosphorus adversely affects the culture. The fact is that phosphorus is responsible for the restoration functions, and if the weather conditions leave much to be desired, for example, the weather is hot or rainy, then without this element the roots can rot, stop growing, reduce the taste.
  • Barium and manganese.These elements are responsible for the growth of the root of crops, their lack is determined by red or white spots on the leaves of plants.
  • Bor. It is impossible to achieve a good harvest of carrots without adding boron to the soil. This trace element is responsible for many metabolic processes in culture, responsible for the growth of root crops, their taste, appearance.

So, with the necessary elements of the culture figured out, now it is necessary to find out the better to feed the plants so that the harvest pleased. There are a lot of ready-made complex fertilizers suitable for feeding carrots, they are easy to use, and strictly following the instructions, you can not be afraid that the culture will be overwhelmed with elements, and this will somehow affect its growth and taste. Of the most common drugs can be identified "Trichodermin", "Fitosporin-M" and "Gamar". However, there are other fairly good fertilizers on sale, which are not inferior to the above in terms of price and quality.

Well, in conclusion it is necessary to disassemble folk remedies for feeding carrots. If for some reason you do not want to use industrial products, then look at the feeding described below,According to reviews of experienced gardeners, it has a great effect on the growth of culture.

Top dressing in the form of infusion of nettle, yeast and ash.

To create it, you need a half bucket filled with nettle, add 1/4 of a pack of yeast and a liter of ash, pour water all the way up and leave to stand for a week. The result is a concentrated infusion that must be diluted before irrigation - a liter of the mixture per bucket of clean water.