How to find out the owner?

It often happens that the owners of summer cottages want to buy an abandoned plot, which is located nearby. But first, it is necessary to establish who is the owner of this horticultural territory. By sending a request to the EGPRA body, you can find out the owner by the cadastral number. Another option is to address the object. Sometimes people, by virtue of necessity, wonder: how to find out the owner of a particular property? This information is available to any citizen of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to make a request to the EGPR body and the necessary information will be provided. Consider in our article both options.

How to find out the owner of the site by cadastral number

  1. Find out if the land you are interested in belongs to the gardening association. If yes, then you can get the cadastral number from the chairman, since all the cadastral numbers are recorded in the registration book of the board. However, it’s impossible to find out the owner at the address, since not all owners declare the change of the owner of the dacha plot.
  2. If the plot of land does not belong to the gardening society, but there is a building on it (or once it was), you can find out the mailing address of this building. And then at the address to find the cadastral number. You need to search in the public cadastral map.
  3. Send a request for the owner of the land in the district office of the registration chamber of the enterprise. A copy of the receipt of the state tax paid for information from the real estate register is attached to the request. Details for payment must be taken in the branch of the Registration Chamber. In the request you need to specify the full name, as well as the cadastral number or address of the land plot you need. If you do not have the exact address of the land plot, then it is necessary to describe in detail the location of the object of interest.
  4. In five days you will receive a certificate, where the owner of the land plot will be indicated and possible restrictions on its ownership.

How to find out at

  1. In the Federal Registration Service, you can find out who owns the land. To do this, you must obtain an extract from the state register. When contacting with you to have a passport, as well as you need to know the address of the land.
  2. Pay the state fee and in 5 days you will receive an extract from the state register about the land plot you are interested in.
  3. If the land turns out to be ownerless, then you can contact the city or town administration. There you will receive a free extract from the archive.
  4. Having established the owner (legal entity), to obtain more information about him, you can contact the tax office, where you will receive an extract from the USRR.

How to find out the owner of the apartment

If you need to know the owner of the apartment, you should write a statement in USRR. You must have a passport or other documents for legal entities, as well as payment of state fees. You will receive an extract from the USRR (for individuals and legal entities). You can get a statement:

  1. Personally visit the territorial department of the Federal Registration Service. On the website of the Federal State Service. registration, cadastre and cartography - section "offices and reception", find out the address of the nearest branch.
  2. Submit your application by mail or email. Send documents to the USRRP (application, notarized copies of documents and certified personal signature).For e-mail you need to arrange everything in the form of an electronic document and certify it with a digital signature.
  3. Statement via the Internet. Fill out the form on the website of the Federal Registration Service (through the portal of state services Rosreestr). Be sure to specify a digital signature. Receipt of statement within five days.