How to find out who owns the number?

Modern technologies and various programs allow you to quickly and free determine the owner of a mobile or landline number. If you are called from an undefined number, and you want to find out who is the owner of a particular number, then this will not be difficult. Let's consider the main options for solving such problems.

The easiest way to find out the number

One of the simplest ways to determine who owns a mobile phone number is this: after numerous calls, you can simply call back to that number. It is desirable to call from another, so that the stranger could not guess that now you are calling him. The subscriber picks up the phone, talk to him and try to find out at least something about his personality.

Use of online services

Try to use special search services. Find them on the Internet is not difficult. Do not pay attention to the sites where they are asked to send SMS-messages.In most cases, their cost can not be called low. In addition, there is always the chance that you will not receive the desired information. And in the future, the claim to present someone will not succeed. Therefore, it is recommended to work with proven resources to determine the owner of the number, such as and. On these sites you will find the information you need for free! To do this, open the website, fill in all the required fields and click the "Find" button. If you have any questions regarding the operation of these services, you can always contact technical support for assistance.

We appeal to the operator

Variants of how to find out who owns the number, quite a lot. For example, when you refill an account and call your own number, the specialist who accepts the payment sees your personal data that you indicated when you made an agreement with the operator (this applies to those who use the contract). Usually, employees utter the name and patronymic of the subscriber aloud to check with the information in their computer. So, you can call the number that interests you. In response, most likely, you will hear: "Maria Sergeyevna?".You can always pretend to have mixed up the number, and you will already have the information. If in one cabin such a number does not work, try another.

By the way, the information in the databases of such companies is often used by fraudsters for personal gain. Funers can come up with a lot of stories to soften the employee. For example, they say that it is urgently necessary to replenish the account of the sick grandmother, but have forgotten the last couple of digits of the mobile. Then they ask the manager to help them. Naturally, not every manager will lead on such a trick, but there are such actors who will achieve their goal.

You can also find out the phone number "by links". If you have relatives or friends who work in the mobile phone salon, they will find you a subscriber by the number absolutely free, because they have access to the entire database of telephone numbers. However, there are certain nuances, because the database may contain outdated information.

Law enforcement assistance

If you receive SMS messages or receive calls with threats, in this case, immediately contact the law enforcement authorities. Explain the whole situation, and the police will identify the person by phone number in a short time.It will be much easier for them, because they have access to all databases. They will immediately inform you about the owner of the SIM card as soon as it is found.

Private agency

If the police refused to help you, then you can always contact a private search agency. The main disadvantage of this method is that for such pleasure you will have to pay a lot of money. However, specialists who work in such agencies usually have extensive experience in law enforcement. In most cases, they have access to all relevant databases of mobile operators. To work with private detective agencies, you will need to make a statement. Detectives will start work, and soon will tell you who was the owner of the room. Of course, these companies do not provide any guarantees of performance.

Call from a landline

Need to identify a landline phone number? As practice shows, it will not be difficult.

Telephone base

First of all, find the base of city numbers and download it from the Internet. Everything is very simple here: you only need to enter a phone number.In order not to turn over all the databases, determine the region by the phone code in which the subscriber lives, usually these are the first few digits of the number.

Help Desk

Also, to determine who owns the city phone number, you can contact the telephone helpline of the city. Some of them agree to help find a person only by number for a fee.

Internet search engines

Did you get a call from a number you don't know? And you want to know whose number it is? All this can be "pushed" through the Internet for free! You will only need to print a phone number in any search engine.

If the number you are trying to "decrypt" belongs to the organization, it is most likely entered in the electronic directory. The company can also have a website with this phone number.

If the number belongs to a person, he could leave the phone for open access in any social networks or forums.

Special site

You can also try to find information about a person through the site. Here you need to select the city you are interested in and enter the phone number, and you will be able to find out not only the person’s details, but also his address.

It turns out that finding a person on a mobile or landline phone is not so difficult.The main thing - do not fall into fraudsters and use only proven and free methods.