How to flash Sony?

The firmware of a smartphone may take quite a bit of time and does not harm the device, if you comply with the necessary conditions. In this article we will look at how you can flash a smartphone from Sony. Firmware will be implemented using Flashtool.

So, how to flash Sony?

Sony Smartphone Firmware

In order to flash any of Sony’s smartphones, you will need to charge the device at least 50 percent. Also do not forget to turn off antiviruses and firewalls, since these programs can adversely affect the operation of the firmware. When the firmware update is complete, you can turn it on again.

Installation Procedure

  1. Flashtool program you can download. After you download the program file, place the program file in a convenient place and start it.
  2. Next, install the drivers. We recommend installing PC Companion. Download this program you can on the same site SonyMobile.
  3. If it was not possible to install drivers for your smartphone in this way, then you can use flashtool drivers, which is located in the folder with the Flashtool program.By running this application, you can choose the drivers that are suitable for your device.
  4. Download the official firmware based on your phone model. This can be done using the Google search engine. You just need to enter the words "official firmware" and the model of your device.
  5. Unzip the archive containing the firmware file and move it to the flashtool / firrmwares folder. Please note that the firmware file is in tft format.

Flashing process

Now you can run Flashtool.

  1. Once you see the program window, click on the lightning bolt icon, in the new window select flashmode.
  2. After that, a window will open in front of you where you can find the firmware file. Output the downloaded firmware and check the box opposite wipe data. This feature will allow you to prevent the possibility of failure during the upgrade firmware smartphone.
  3. Next, click the flash button. After that, you need to turn off the phone to put it into download mode.
  4. To do this, you need to hold down the volume rocker at the bottom and connect the usb cable to the computer. Wait for the software to install. As soon as you see the inscription "flashing finished", you can connect the cable and turn on the device.

It is possible that in the first few minutes your device will freeze. However, it will pass. We remind you that the firmware of the device can harm it, so the user can flash any smartphone only at his own peril and risk. You can also contact the specialists of the service center for flashing the smartphone. However, remember that the firmware removes the manufacturer's warranty.

Speaking of self-firmware smartphone, it should be noted the potential danger of such actions for the device.