How to get a building permit?

If you decide to build any building on your site, or to make reconstruction or overhaul of your apartment, you will certainly need to obtain the appropriate documents to do it correctly and lawfully. In this article we will learn how to obtain a building permit, who issues it, and what documents are needed for this.

For a start, let's look into the definition itself. A construction permit is a document that confirms the compliance of the project of construction of the object with all the requirements of the Urban Planning of the Russian Federation and grants the developer all the rights to renovate, overhaul or build the object.

Who issued permission

Before you ask how to get a building permit, you need to figure out where it is issued. If the influence of the town planning regulations does not apply to your plot, then one of the authorities issues permission for its building, depending on their competence in this matter:

  • federal executive body;
  • executive authority of the subject of the Russian Federation;
  • local government body.

The first two institutions are engaged in issuing permits for the construction of municipal facilities. And the third works with areas of physical citizens within the territory related to it.

According to Article 8 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a building permit on the territory of a city district or settlement is issued by local governments of that district or settlement.

Documents for obtaining permission

The Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation has established a list of documents that are necessary in order to obtain a building permit. You must collect and approve them all in the prescribed manner. These include:

  • Documents on the built land plot confirming its copyright holder.
  • Urban development plan of the land to be built. It should be made in the form established by the Government of the Russian Federation No. 840 of December 29, 2005.
  • The conclusion of the state examination, approving the project documents.It may also require the conclusion of environmental expertise, according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
  • Permission to deviate from the maximum parameters of the construction, if necessary.
  • Consent of all rightholders of the building in case of planning a major overhaul or reconstruction of the finished object.
  • All available project documentation for the planned construction:
    1. Statement.
    2. The scheme of the land plot indicating the location of the object of construction, as well as all aisles and entrances to it. Monuments of culture and heritage should be marked on it. It must be performed according to the urban plan of this site.
    3. A plot of land plot showing the location of the linear object within the red lines, which are approved in the territorial planning documents, in relation to linear objects.
    4. Schemes of architectural solutions.
    5. The plan for connecting the object of construction to engineering networks.
    6. Project of the organization of construction of the object.
    7. The project of works carried out in connection with the demolition or dismantling of the object or its parts.

The Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation has established a list of situations when the authorities authorized to issue a building permit have the right to refuse the developer. This occurs in the absence or non-compliance with the requirements of the above documents.

How to get a building permit, we found out. Now let's figure out how much to pay for it. In itself, it costs a bit. But it depends on whether you yourself plan to receive it or hand it over to the building organization. In the second case, its price will be much higher.

Documents for registration of the object

After the construction is successfully completed, it is necessary to issue a number of documents. These include:

  • Registration object BTI.
  • Entry of an object into the State Register of Buildings and Structures. This is necessary for taxation of the object.
  • The conclusion that all the technical conditions stipulated in the project were taken into account and implemented.
  • Technical readiness passport for the property.
  • The conclusion of the State Architectural Supervision of the compliance of the object with project documents.

The construction object will have to pass the inspection of the acceptance commission. After that an acceptance certificate is drawn up, which must be approved by a decree of the head of the municipal entity in the prescribed manner.

This decision together with the act of the acceptance committee is necessary in order to register all the rights to possession of the newly constructed object.

The register of buildings and structures is under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. And in order for your building to get there, it is necessary to register it with the BTI. But you can not get a conclusion from them if the object to be handed over is not completed or does not correspond to the approved construction plans. It is necessary to take this into account in order to avoid additional problems.