How to get a discount?

Discount is the amount by which the price of the purchased item may decrease. The amount of the discount depends on many factors. Let's talk about how to get a discount depending on its type.

Types of discounts

There are the following types of discounts:

  • quantitative;
  • bonus;
  • dealer;
  • special;
  • for payment in cash;
  • seasonal;
  • functional;
  • crediting;
  • discount coupon.

Quantitative discount

The more goods purchased, the greater the amount of the discount. The amount of such a discount can be from 5 to 15 percent of the total value of the goods.

Bonus discount

Bonus discount is available to regular customers. Large supermarkets and chain stores even issue bonus cards that pass the entire discount system. The discount in this case can be from 5 to 8 percent. Thus, the discount can be obtained not only in one store, but in the whole chain of stores.

Dealer discount

This discount is provided by the company to its representatives and covers the cost of transport and service. The discount depends on the quantity of goods purchased and is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of the dealer.

Special discount

Such a discount can be provided to customers in which the firm or enterprise is very interested, for example, it can be wholesale buyers or firms. The discount can reach 10 percent, but in most cases it is a commercial secret and only the buyer can know what kind of discount the seller gives him.

Cash Discount

Many firms that work with cash and non-cash payment systems offer their customers an additional discount for paying for the goods or services they are purchasing in cash. The discount is basically 3-5 percent.

Seasonal discount

Before the arrival of a new product, if the company produces seasonal products, up to 30 percent discounts are offered on the model line of the last season. Seasonal discounts are very common in large trading houses and supermarkets that work with seasonal products.

Functional discount

Such discounts are provided to employees of companies, for example, to visit sports centers or certain institutions. Discount ranges from 10 to 30 percent.

Credit Discount

Many trading houses arrange promotions, for example, you will receive a discount in the amount of its value for the purchase of a new similar thing for a used second-hand item. This type of discount can be found in electronics stores.

Random discount

Such a discount may be provided by companies in connection with the opening of a new branch or a significant date, for example, the birthday of a company or in connection with the relocation of a store / company to a new location. Also make a discount if the proposed product is obsolete.

Discount coupon

Nowadays, discount coupons are very popular all over the world, which you can buy or receive for free at various sites and services of joint purchases. An example would be a website where you can get a coupon discount on a product or service up to 90 percent.

In some cases, different types of discounts can be summed up, and you can get a product or service at a very competitive price.