How to get rid of perfectionism

How to get rid of perfectionismHow to get rid of perfectionism? If you are inclined to demand perfection from yourself, then it is quite likely that you will be attracted by people who are no less demanding, but express their claims much more resolutely. With them, you are doomed to never feel good enough. Learn to accept yourself as you are. If your elects do not accept you - the present, then sympathize with them before parting: after all, like them, the poor, it is hard to have a relationship with an imperfect partner!


How to get rid of perfectionism. Denying your own pain and your own feelings. Perhaps you are accustomed to not attach importance to your feelings and feelings. You do not pay attention to the quiet voice of the heart, which tells you: something is going wrong. Or you continue the usual way, dismissing the feelings that signal to you that things are bad. Refer to your feelings and sensations. Recall that “solid food is inherent in perfection, in which the senses by skill are accustomed to the discernment of good and evil” (Heb. 5:14).Cultivate this skill.


Rejected sexuality. Your sexuality has been divorced from love, relationships and your moral values ​​- it lives by its own laws. Be careful: you risk being carried away by a partner suffering from sexual addiction. (Although outwardly it may look quite decent.) Or you will fall into a relationship characterized by an excess of sensuality. Or you will be attracted by people who are not capable of close relationships. If you want to communicate with a normal whole person, you first need to be healed - you should reconcile your sexuality with the rest of your personality.