How to get rid of the smell in the closet with clothes

Has it ever happened that a faint smell suddenly appeared in the closet, as if there were several families living in the apartment, and mold that infects the clothes?

If this situation is familiar, it means that you started your closet or the high humidity in the apartment caused the appearance of mold. It is time to start general cleaning, it is desirable to carry it out with enviable regularity, not forgetting about preventive measures.

If you do not want to constantly feel an unpleasant smell in your wardrobe, then it is advisable to carry out cleaning and preventive measures regularly. But what is prevention, how to remove unpleasant odor and mold, as well as the reasons for their appearance - you will learn about all this from the article.

Why does a musty smell appear in the closet

Before you start cleaning, find out the cause of the problem.

Dust mites

These microorganisms are invisible to the naked eye, but cause many problems. The stale smell is a consequence of their appearance.Since they are settling in your closet, go through and process all the clothes to prevent their spread. Do this as follows (the method is not the fastest, but effective.):

  • Treat your clothes with hot steam.
  • Wipe each thing with 20% salt solution.

Wrong storage

To prevent any unpleasant smell, observe the elementary storage rules. These can be found later in this article.

High humidity

Frequent problems - high humidity. No matter how aired the room, it does not go anywhere. Therefore, proceed as follows:

  • Buy a dryer, heater or hair dryer. Dry your clothes before placing them on the shelves.
  • Arrange activated carbon in shelves. Change it once a month. This will prevent mold and odor.
  • In a store, buy a smell absorber and use it instead of coal.

If the closet is strongly impregnated with the smell and the reason for your inaccuracy, then it is advisable to follow these tips.

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The stages of cleaning the cabinet

  1. Prepare for cleaning: buy surface cleaners and laundry.If the case is running, get rubber gloves and a respirator that will protect you when using household chemicals.
  2. Take the things out of the closet and set aside - they will have to be washed. Open the doors and wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth. Open the windows, doors, balcony, if it is - the room and furniture should be full of fresh air.
  3. Start washing. If there are hopelessly damaged, torn or unwanted things, throw them away. The rest is hand-stretched or in a washing machine. Is the smell on things preserved? Soak them with a conditioner for half an hour. Then wash again. That should be enough.
  4. Dry your clothes thoroughly, iron it. Put the pieces of toilet soap on the shelves between the rows of clothes so that it smells nicely in the closet. And now you can put everything in its rightful place.
  5. Use aromatic substances: coffee, tea bags, cinnamon, cotton bags with herbs or something else to your taste. They perfectly neutralize the foreign odor and prevent the appearance of others.

Folk remedies against the smell of mustiness and mold

There is a mold and a musty smell soaked too deeply,and the furniture does not want to throw out or not possible. Go to the extreme measures. Wash clothes do not need to be returned to the shelves. Find her a temporary shelter and go to the fight against mold on the furniture.

  • Table vinegar is used to eliminate mold. Dissolve one part into three parts water. Apply this mixture on the places where mold appeared.
  • Boric acid. The effect is the same as with vinegar. Dilute in the same proportions.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is also suitable for neutralizing mold. Use as before.
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If folk methods did not help and the mold returned again, then go to heavy artillery - chlorine-containing means “Belize”, which is used to clean furniture, sanitary ware, walls and other surfaces.

Take out the laundry again and stretch it. The smell is absorbed very quickly, so do not even hope that you managed to escape from the aroma, simply by neutralizing the mold. Treat fungus-infected places with “Belize.” Wait a while and wipe everything with a rag, and, if necessary, repeat the procedure again.The tool is very odorous, requires careful handling, discolor the fabric. Use only in diluted form and work in protective equipment.

"Whiteness" is enough to eliminate mold. But if the tool did not help you or it is not in the store, purchase another one. Just check that it does not corrode the wood.

Folk and purchased fragrances for the wardrobe

Flavors for a wardrobe with clothes

After removing the smell, prepare for preventive measures: buy fragrances or fragrances, however, you can make them yourself from improvised means:

  • The simplest odor absorbers are charcoal, salt, soda, silica gel, which are enough to put in a container and arranged in shelves. Change once a month.
  • The soap has a pleasant smell that will spread inside the cabinet. A few small pieces are enough.
  • Place beans or ground coffee in a container or in a canvas bag.
  • Bottles from the used perfume, orange peel or other citrus fruits, dried herbs, tea bags - all this is used to improve the smell in the closet. Place in a container or in a homemade cloth bag.
  • If there are no used flacons, put a perfume with a pleasant aroma. Spray perfume on clothes you do not need!
  • To prevent mold, place a napkin moistened with iodine in a jar and cover with a cotton pad. This measure will save you from reappearing mold. Iodine is very volatile - stains on clothing may appear.
  • Place ground cinnamon or cloves in a jar or sack. They will not only ennoble your wardrobe with a pleasant smell, but also prevent the appearance of moths.
  • Flavors, essential oils buy at the pharmacy. In no case do not take air fresheners - they serve for other purposes.
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Helpful Tips

  1. Regularly put things in order in the closet: throw out excess, broken, torn and go through clothes. Do an audit every six months.
  2. If the smell has already appeared, do not put clean things in there - they will quickly become saturated and you will have to wash them again.
  3. Do not put damp clothes that can become a source of mildew and smell in the closet.
  4. Keep bed and underwear separately from outerwear.
  5. Do not attempt to refine furniture or clothing with an air freshener. A musty smell will not only disappear, but will also mix with another fragrance, which will aggravate the situation.
  6. Do not mix clean clothes and the one worn one of these days.Ideally, worn clothes need extra storage space. But if you don’t have extra furniture, then ventilate the clothes at night, and in the morning, put them in the closet.
  7. Leave the pieces of soap on the shelves that neutralize some of the unpleasant odors.
  8. Tea bag with bergamot, soaked in fragrant oils, will be an excellent tool for freshness in the closet.
  9. Put coffee in bags, place on shelves. This neutralizes odors, will give a fresh cupboard.
  10. Such bags can be made both yourself and buy in the store.
  11. Put a bottle of perfume on the shelf. This will provide a persistent smell for a long time.
  12. As a preventive measure, it is advisable to air the cabinet every two months.
  13. Clean linen quickly attracts smells. Do not hang clothes to dry in the kitchen (especially while cooking), in a smoky room or where it smells unpleasant.
  14. Always close the cabinet door to prevent foreign odors from entering it.
  15. Put the furniture in which you store your laundry preferably so that it gets the sun. So you can avoid dampness.

It is easier to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor than to remove it later.It is better to ventilate the closet in advance, put a piece of soap in there and occasionally pick up clothes than wash the entire wardrobe from behind one shirt, washing the shelves along the way. Do not be lazy and regularly clean the entire apartment. This is your home. Make it comfortable for your family.

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