How to get rid of ticks

Getting rid of ticks on the body is quite difficult. In order to get rid of ticks, first determine which insect has bitten you. Externally, the tick is small, orange-brown in color with a slight black spot on the head.
The sting of this insect is two-sided, so pulling out a tick is not easy. The difficulty lies in the fact that when you bite, a certain substance is released, in the direct sense of sticking tick to the skin.
To treat ticks, you can use folk remedies. Take the lid from the usual 1.5 liter bottle, pour sunflower oil into it. Put a cover with oil on the skin of an insect so that the tick is completely "drowned" in the oil. Wait a while, he will fall off himself.
Another way is to extract the tick with tweezers. Hold the tweezers with the tips inward and grasp as close as possible to the skin. Pull the tick with slow, but very confident movements.
Do not pierce the insect with a pin or a burning match. This may provoke him to release infectious secretions. If you see remnants of a sting in a wound, then do not touch them, they will fall out on their own. Just grease the skin with iodine.
Regardless of how you think you have successfully removed the tick, consult your doctor for further recommendations.