How to get through the swamp?

August 18, 2014
How to get through the swamp?

There are no two identical swamps, but there are three varieties of them that need to be distinguished in order to pass through the swamp safely.

A swamp passable, a journey through which does not constitute a special problem, is characterized by:

  • thick grass with sedge;
  • pine shoots;
  • a thick layer of green moss (up to 30 cm) with traces of old dark brown moss.

An impassable swamp, a journey through which it is not recommended for beginners, is characterized by:

  • puddles with stagnant water;
  • cotton grass (fluff heads after flowering);
  • bushy and low crooked trees.

Swamp impassable, a trip which is not recommended to anyone! It is characterized by:

  • thickets of reeds;
  • floating grass cover;
  • absent grass cover.

What will help pass the swamp

So, you have determined what type of marshland you encountered on the way. Now we need to remember the basic rules that will help pass the swamp, if there is no other way out than to go through it.

  • Take along a long pole to determine the depth and support, a branch or a thin trunk will do.
  • Do not rush, but do not stand long in one place.
  • Safer areas of the swamp, on which it is recommended to move, are located on the bumps, at the trunks of trees and near the bushes.
  • Step smoothly, from heel to toe. Never jump.
  • If suddenly the view of the swamp began to change, there was a fluttering of vegetation on the surface, immediately go back.
  • Avoid areas that are completely devoid of vegetation.
  • If you fell into the swamp very sharply and deeply, do not panic. Such places are called splavins, and they do not suck a person. Water will push you out, but you need to get rid of the load.
  • The higher and greener the grass in the swamp, the more dangerous this area. Prefer the path that follows an already familiar surface.
  • If you are standing near a tree or bushes and do not see a safe path, break off branches and throw them crosswise in front of you. If there is a hatchet, bring down the trees.
  • Stuck in the quagmire, do not think about drowning shoes, throw it off and get out yourself.
  • If you started to fall, lay on the surface of the swamp and pull up to a safe area, using everything that comes under your hands - bushes, grass, and so on.