How to get to Kazan

The geographical position of Kazan

The capital of Tatarstan is actually located at the junction of the Kazanka River and the great Russian Volga. Such a fairly favorable geographical position has long provided Kazan with the status of a large trading city connecting the western and eastern parts of Russia.
Residents of Kazan, like the whole of Tatarstan, live Moscow time or UTC + 4 time zone, but astronomically noon in the city comes 46 minutes earlier than in the Russian capital.
The length of the urban area from north to south is 29 kilometers, and from west to east is 31 kilometers. At the same time, Kazanka divides it into two parts - the southern historical and the northern one. And under the river runs the line of the Kazan metro, and there are also 5 dam bridges on it. The maximum height of the central part of the urban area is 60 meters above sea level.

How to come to Kazan

The easiest, easiest and fastest way to get to the capital of Tatarstan is by air transport to Kazan International Airport or KZN.In addition to the local Ak Bars Aero and Kazan Airlines enterprises, a large number of other airlines also fly there. It is also possible to get from Kazan Airport not only to Moscow or St. Petersburg, but for several years now there have been flights to Turkey, Bulgaria, Thailand, Spain, Egypt, Greece, the United Arab Emirates and other countries that are popular with Russian tourists.
Also from the Kazan station in Moscow to the capital of Tatarstan can be reached on a large number of different routes. These are No. 098Х (travel time 13:18 hours), No. 076E (the final station of arrival in Neryungri and 12:35 hours on the way), No. 118E (Novokuznetsk, 12:35 hours), brand No. 060U Tyumen (goes to Nizhnevartovsk, 11:35 hours), №050М (travel time is 12:48 hours), branded №002Й Premium (11:19 hours) and №112М (11:26 hours). From St. Petersburg to Kazan follows the train №133А with the travel time at 22:08.
The distance that will be necessary to overcome on the way to Kazan from Moscow is 810 kilometers, which will run through Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod and Cheboksary. First you need to go to Entuziastov Highway, then to Gorky Highway, then to the M7, which will lead you straight to Kazan.The distance between the capital of Tatarstan and the northern capital is 1,500 kilometers, first along the Moscow Highway, then along the M10 highway and along the Leningradskoye Highway to Moscow, followed by the same route.