How to get to the metro station "Kiev"?

Elena Melnichenko
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How to get to the metro station "Kiev"?

One of the largest stations in the capital of Russia is Kievsky station. Here come and from here all trains depart, which are sent to the west. Near the station is a metro station with the appropriate name - "Kiev". In order to get to Kievsky station, first you need to find out how to get to the Kievskaya metro station.

Station "Kiev"

Several metro lines lead to this station - Koltsevaya, Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya, Filevskaya. In order to get to the Kievskaya metro station, you just need to go down to the subway and, having carefully studied the train schedule, heading in the direction you need. If you have problems with determining the route, all the information can be checked with the dispatcher (the dispatcher�s call button is located on the information board). It is worth noting that this metro station is quite busy especially during peak hours (during the arrival of various electric trains). Therefore, if you hit just at such a time and do not take too much time, it is better to wait and miss the flow of people.

In addition to the metro, you can also get to Kievsky railway station by other types of public transport (buses, trolley buses). Buses with numbers 91, 119, 132, 205, 791, 818, 902 will bring you to the station. If you go close, you can use the services of electric transport, namely trolley buses No. 7, 17, 34, 39.

In the case when you need to get here by personal car, it should be noted that there is practically no parking here, as, however, and near other stations in Moscow.