How to get to Pattaya?

You can get to Pattaya in different ways, depending on which starting point you are. So, from Russia you have to first fly to the resort. There are direct flights to Utapao, Pattaya airport - to clarify the flight schedule and you can buy tickets for or.

In this case, you do not need to think about how to get to Pattaya. However, many tourists want to go around the whole of Thailand, not limited to one resort. Or your flight flies to another city. Consider options for how to get from different parts of the country to Pattaya.

Pattaya: how to get from Phuket

So, let's say you first flew to Phuket, from where you need to get to Pattaya. How can this be done?

  • First, by plane. From Phuket International Airport fly direct flights to Pattaya. You can choose the appropriate site. It will turn out to be quick - you will spend less than two hours in a direct flight. Flight ticket costs from 5300 rubles.
  • Secondly, by bus. You can choose a trip with maximum comfort on the AirBus 777. It leaves Phuket at 18:00, and arrives at the place at 8:00 the next day. Book a place, as well as find out the details of the route in advance at.

There is another option - with a transfer in Bangkok. First you get to Bangkok, and from there you go to Pattaya. To Bangkok should air transport or bus.

  • Avia. The plane to Bangkok will cost from 1880 rubles for one adult ticket. Direct flight fly a little over an hour.
  • The bus is a more tedious way to get to Bangkok, especially since then you will have to again take intermediate transport to the final place. Ticket prices vary and depend on the class of bus - there are simple buses and VIP, with air conditioning. Also, when buying tickets you need to specify the point of arrival. Buses "999", Bus Express go to Mo Chin, and all the rest - to SaiThai. Buses run regularly from 6 to 19 hours. Ticket prices - from 480 baht. 1 baht - 1.55 rubles.

Pattaya: how to get from Bangkok

There are many options for how to get there. To begin with, from which airport to keep the path.


Bus 389 is quite comfortable; follow North Pattaya Road to Pattaya. Departing from Gate 8. Detailed timetables can be viewed on the website. Travel time will be about a couple of hours on the bus.

On the street Level 1 from Gate 7 goes to Pattaya state bus - ticket prices in it will be cheaper.

You can take a minibus or large tourist buses, which stand at the entrance of the airport. This is Coral Travel, Natalie course and others.

Don muang

The airport specializes in domestic flights, so you can�t get to Pattaya directly from it by bus - you first need to get to one of the bus stations. This may be Ekamai in the eastern region of Bangkok or Morchit in the north. Buses run regularly from early morning until 10-11 pm. Buses go to Pattaya's final - North Pattaya. You can also leave from the south terminal of Sai Tai or from the Bangna stop. Detailed schedule can be found on the website.

You can also use the train: from Hua Lamphong station every day from Monday to Friday at 6:50. Travel time is 3.5 hours.

Big companies benefit from getting to Pattaya by taxi - perhaps ordering it in advance.

In Pattaya, you can relax in the fall, when it is raining and overcast in our area.