How to give food to children

Mommies should always remember that their baby needs breast milk or an adapted mixture, such nutrition should be essential for infants. Compound is given with a teaspoon. First it should be half a spoon, then the volume increases. And it is important to know that this is a new product for the baby, therefore, let's give it in the morning.
What should be the very first complementary foods? They can be a vegetable puree, for the beginning only one type of vegetables, preferably hypoallergenic. Mashed zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli. And then, gradually, add other vegetables, such as: carrots, green peas, potatoes.
Freshly prepared juice will be very useful for your child, for a start it is better to choose apple juice. If the juice is very sour or tart, it must be diluted with boiled water so that it does not cause discomfort in the tender body of your child.
Then, gradually add fruit puree to your diet.For the first time, it is recommended to choose a grated apple without peel. Moms should be wary of exotic fruits, as well as citrus fruits.
Mixed cereals are good dishes for the first meal. Gluten-free cereals are preferred, namely rice, corn, buckwheat. That reduces the risk of digestive disorders and allergies.
Finally, meat is added to the child’s menu. Mince is better to cook yourself. To do this, boil the meat well and mince twice.