How to grow a tree from the bone?

Ksenia Gaynulina
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How to grow a tree from the bone?

From the stone you can grow almost any tree. In fact, this process will not be a big deal, but there is one condition - you need to be patient. To grow a large tree from a small seed, it takes a lot of time, because it takes more than one year.

What you need to grow a tree from a stone

There are some rules on how to grow a tree from a stone. They are applicable for the cultivation of all trees: for garden and for wild. It is possible to sow both in spring in April - May, and in winter - in October - November.

How to plant a tree from the bone in the spring

  1. Solid bones, such as cherries, cherries or apricots, should be soaked in water for a period of 1 month. Water is changed every day, and in order to prevent mold, you must pre-process the stones in the solution with manganese (25 mg manganese per 1 liter of water).
  2. Do not forget that the bones, like many seeds, need stratification. Before planting for 2-3 months they are kept at a temperature of +15 - 20C.After that, for 2-3 weeks, placed in a colder room - in the basement or in the refrigerator. The temperature should not exceed + 6C and fall below -2C.
  3. We put the box in the living room. After the most part of sprouts will turn, it will be possible to plant stones directly in the ground on a personal plot.

How to plant a tree of bones in the winter

  1. Bones need to cook in the summer. A little dry and put them until October in a box with sawdust or wet sand. Take care not to sprout. If this happens, then put the box in a cool room.
  2. In October, you can land bones in open ground to a depth of about three centimeters. Watering is not necessary.

It is worth considering that the garden trees grown from pits need to be grafted. This procedure is necessary so that the tree can fully bear fruit and be more frost-resistant and strong. In trees that have not been grafted, most often there is no fruit or they grow small and tasteless. In general, most trees are quite unpretentious and can grow in any soil.