How to grow petunia?

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How to grow petunia?

Today, dear reader, our article will answer the question of how to grow petunia. The plants in the house are designed not only to improve the composition of the air in the room, but also to give their owners a feeling of peace and unity with nature. Let's learn more about what a petunia can give us. So:

We grow petunia

Large and bright flowers of petunias made this plant a favorite of all gardeners. The plant is grown, as a rule, at home on the balconies or in the open air. In nature, this plant can be found mainly in the countries of South America.

How to grow petunia from seeds?

First of all, you need to figure out how to plant this plant. It all depends, in this case, on your desire. If you want the flowers to bloom in early-mid-May, then you need to plant the seeds somewhere in the middle of March. Can be planted before.

As a soil for petunia, you should use such a composition. 2 parts of rotted humus, 2 parts of leaf or sod land, 2 parts of high-moor peat and 1 part of sand. Lime should also be added if the resulting soil is too oxidized.All these components must be thoroughly mixed. Sift the soil through a large sieve, then through a small sieve. Large screenings should be located at the bottom of the pot. At the bottom it is also better to add a layer of crushed expanded clay. Remains from a fine sieve will fill the upper third of the pot. All this soil must be soaked with water. On the surface scatter the seeds of petunia and pour it from the sprayer.

It is best to cover the seeds with a layer of soil, but not more than 1-2 mm. The pot should be covered with paper or glass and stored at a temperature of 20-23 degrees.

One of the most important conditions of how to properly grow petunia comes down to the following. The first 2 weeks should be sprayed with water containing potassium permanganate once or twice a day. After this, water the plant less frequently. If necessary, you can increase the watering with pure water without impurities.

Finally shoots appear! One week after this event, it is necessary to start foliar feeding. To do this, it is enough to spray the plant with mineral fertilizers. If you see that growth is slow, then you can use growth stimulants. Be careful and do not get carried away by this.Throughout the flowering stimulants can only use 2-3 times.

The main enemy of petunia is excessive moisture. In such conditions, seedlings of plants, as a rule, become ill. In the case of a negative outcome should stop abundant watering of the plant. It should be sprayed with water along the walls of the box. Try to keep as little moisture as possible on the plant. Foci of disease can be sprinkled with fine sand or wood ash. It is necessary to know to understand how to properly grow seedlings of petunias.

After the appearance of the first true sheets, seedlings should be planted in different places. These can be plastic pots. The composition of the soil remains unchanged. Seated plants should be covered with paper or lutrasil. Planting petunia in open ground in central Russia is possible only in the second half of May. Here's how to grow petunia seedlings.

Let us remember a little about what kind of lighting petunia requires. This plant likes open sunny places. You should also consider the variety of your plant. Large petunias love more heat than small ones. If, outside the window, the weather is bad, wet, the petunia stops growing.Also, the advantage of the plant is its resistance to drought. No problem tolerates strong watering of the soil, however, also suffers from stagnant water. Remember that a lot in the care of a plant will determine its appearance. Large-flowered petunias are more capricious than their smaller counterparts.