How to grow strawberries

  1. Place for planting strawberries. For such a culture is perfect flat terrain or slopes facing the south-west and protected from strong winds. Reliably protect the strawberries in the winter snow cover with a thickness of 20-25 cm. You can cover the plant with branches of spruce branches.
  2. The most suitable for growing crops - neutral and slightly acidic soil. As a rule, loamy and sandy soil with a high concentration of nutrients is ideal. On highly moist soil, located close to groundwater, it is necessary to install drainage or grow strawberries in high beds.
  3. Planting strawberries. You can plant strawberries several times: in spring and autumn (end of August-September). The earlier a plant is planted, the better it takes root, and later it develops better, distinguished by a high yield for the next year. For planting crops, it is better to choose sunny days or in the evening, so that strawberries can be acclimatized overnight.
  4. Soil preparation.If planting will be carried out in spring, it is recommended to prepare the soil in the fall, and for autumn planting - in late June. For fertilizer, it is desirable to choose organic and mineral substances in proportion: per 1 sq. Km. meter contribute ammonium nitrate (15-20 g), manure (5-6 kg), superphosphate (20-25 g) and potassium chloride (15-20 g). After that, the soil is well digged.
  5. Strawberry care. In the spring between the rows of strawberries cleaned off the leaves with a fan rake. Dry leaves must be trimmed with a pruner. The soil is necessarily loosened, the ground is pounded under the bushes. Then loosening is repeated once every two weeks and carry out regular weeding.

Strawberry loves feeding. If before planting organic and mineral fertilizers were introduced into the ground, then in the next two years we can limit ourselves with additional fertilizers. The first top dressing is carried out in the spring and includes nitrogen fertilizers and ashes: ammonium nitrate (8-10 g) or urea and ash (50-60 g) per 1 m row. The second similar feeding occurs at the beginning of the fruiting period.
In dry weather, strawberries should be watered once every two weeks (10-12 days).