How to hang a cornice?

Making repairs, many owners come to the conclusion that the interior design, including the manufacture of curtains for windows, it is possible to take their hands. After all, the main repair costs a good amount, so having the opportunity to save money, it is important to use it. However, the curtains themselves will not hang on the windows. For their fixing, curtain rods have been invented, which allow us to move any type of curtains as convenient as possible. How to hang a cornice so that it holds well and does not strive to fall?

Preparing tools and doing markup.

To hang the eaves on the wall, pick up the following tools: tape measure, puncher or drill (depends on your walls), dowels, screws, screwdriver, hammer. Since it would be embarrassing to hang a cornice alone, ask someone to help you. You will need to keep the length of the product so that it does not collapse with the master on the floor.

Mark the place on the wall where the cornice will be attached. If you need to make a room larger (visually), buy a curtain rod much wider than the window. Attach the eaves to the wall above the window and mark with a pencil the places on which the fasteners will hold. Now check how far your markup is to the ceiling.It is important that both sides of the eaves are evenly reinforced.

Level is used to prevent markup quality from lame. Check that the line that connects the two fixtures is parallel to the floor (and the ceiling).

How to make holes

How to fix the eaves to the wall? The main task when hanging the eaves - smooth and high quality holes in the wall. They can be made by hand, but a special tool can do it better.

If you have a panel house, solid walls, reinforced concrete - you will need a punch. Stand on the stepladder so that the markup is at the level of the chin. If it is higher, you will not be able to exert enough effort to make a hole. It happens that the wall does not give in, the drill heats up. In such difficult cases, it is recommended to cool it for five minutes while taking a break. Now you need to drive dowels in the holes.

If you have a wall opposite, and the wall is weak, and you are not sure that it will withstand a heavy cornice with massive curtains, the holes can be reinforced with epoxy resin. The second option is the use of wooden caps or special dowels.

How to attach the eaves? Now you need to screw the screws, fixing the support part of the bracket on the wall. So far, only one.Put the eaves on the bracket, attach its second edge and check the level with the help of the level. If the holes are moved up or down during operation, the holders can be adjusted at this stage. Now fix the brackets and hang a cornice on them. Put on it rings with clothespins (they should be included). Hang one ring on each side of the holder. This must be done to ensure that the blind is fixed at the edge. Do not forget to put on curly caps on the ends of the product.

Tips experienced masters

  • Round wall cornice can be of two types. The first option, when the crossbar fits on the brackets, the second - when it passes through the holes in them. In the second case, the crossbar must be installed before the second bracket is fixed.
  • Not always need a level. If your walls are not too smooth, it is better to fix the eaves exactly in relation to the ceiling. This focus will make your work look decent.
  • It is not necessary to hang a cornice above the opening. Back down 15 centimeters up. Sometimes, with low installation, the unfortunate master breaks off pieces of plaster while drilling holes.
  • If there is no confidence in the reliability of the walls (that is, there is a thick layer of plaster), it is better to use a longer drill bit and the corresponding dowels. The eaves must be strengthened securely, and thus, you will be sure that you have reached the brick.
  • Each dwelling is individual, therefore, when installing the eaves, you need to be guided by the situation, and not follow the instructions blindly. How to fix the eaves, if near the window passes the heating pipe that interferes with the installation? It happens that you need to remove the old cornice, and hang a new, very different design. Therefore, it is not enough to be able to drill well, you also need to use ingenuity.

We told how to install the cornice in the living room. If you have a stepladder and enough tools to work, you can easily do it yourself. However, if such a new job is for you, it is better not to risk the health and appearance of your walls. Give place to a professional - and then your living room or bedroom will delight the eye with neat and properly decorated windows.