Health is not only a method of strengthening immunity, drugs. Proper hardening is what will most likely provide you with body strength and skin freshness. Let's talk today about the rules of hardening. So:

How to harden properly?

It is wrong to assume that hardening implies only water procedures. Hardened can be a variety of ways. Air and sunbathing, footbathing, rubbing, bathing in open water, contrasting procedures, walking barefoot - all of these activities do not exclude the entire list of hardening procedures.

You need to harden your body using all the procedures in the complex. The same method should be repeated more than once. Also, hardening is characterized by a gradual set of its intensity. That is, everything starts from a small one, and the number of procedures and their specifications ends.

How to temper water?

Water hardening should begin with wiping. You need to pick up water for wiping, which would correspond to the temperature of the skin in the heart area.As a rule, the body temperature in the region of the heart in an adult is 31 degrees. After wiping you need to break to douche. Use water that is one or two degrees higher than the previous one. Reduce the temperature of the water gradually. The rate of decline for adults is 12 degrees. It should be poured over the whole body and lasts no more than three seconds. If after a cold burn you feel a rush of warmth, then douche is held correctly. The easiest way to perform the proper pouring pouring a bucket of water. Another way is to dive under the water corresponding to the desired temperature. A less effective method of dousing is using a shower. The fact is that water falls on your body not by its only mass, but by a controlled flow. The effect of the soul is much weaker than the effect of a bucket of water. The jets that flow through your body have time to warm up as you go down. It is this factor that ensures the least effectiveness of the soul.

Remember one important rule when dousing to properly tempered with cold water. Pouring is applied to an already heated body. In no case do not start dousing on a cold body and muscles. It should not be drenched if you sweat.To warm up the body before pouring, it is advised to use simple physical exercises. After douche do not advise wiping with a towel. You need to go into a warm room and try to dry within the means of all the same simple physical exercises. Indoors should not be drafts.

How to start to harden?

There are rules that will allow you to gradually be drawn into the water hardening system. Any business needs to start small. Here's what you can do to adapt to cold water:

  • Before dousing with cold water, you need to pour a bucket of warm water on yourself.
  • It is necessary to begin dousing not with buckets of water, but with an ordinary shower. The so-called contrast shower will help you with this. The following sequence will help you to harden: comfortable hot water - comfortable cold water - comfortable hot water - comfortable cold water. Most importantly, the water temperature was comfortable. This is a psychological moment that is important for the physiological adaptation of the organism. Initially, the aggressive environment will be rejected in the subsequent experience.