How to hide a folder on Windows 7?

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How to hide a folder on Windows 7?

Sometimes it is necessary to hide an important folder and the files in it from prying eyes of others, especially if several people use the computer at once. In Windows 7, it is very easy to do with the tools of the operating system itself. To protect against ordinary users, such masking will be quite enough, although, of course, an experienced specialist will be able to easily circumvent such a barrier.

Hiding a folder in Windows 7

In order to hide an important folder, open Explorer, find it and right-click on it. In the menu that appears, select "Properties". The "Properties" window will open with the "General" tab highlighted. Pay attention to the section "Attributes" - it has the option "Hidden". We need it. Check the box and click "OK".

At that, the dialog box �Confirmation of attribute changes� will appear. In it you will be asked what exactly you want to hide - just the folder or all its contents too. By default, the option �To this folder and to all subfolders and files� is selected - in most cases you need it. Click "OK".

As you can see, hiding a folder in Windows 7 is not at all difficult. Just keep in mind that if you do not include the display of hidden folders and files, you yourself will not be able to see them. Do not worry - the folder has not disappeared for good. You just need to make the hidden objects visible - exactly how, we told in our other article. But, of course, permanently hidden folders should not be displayed, otherwise the whole meaning of this setting is lost.

If you later want to make the hidden folder permanently visible, right-click it again, uncheck the �Hidden� checkbox and click �OK�. At the same time you will again be asked what you want to apply the new settings. Select the option �To this folder and to all subfolders and files� and click �OK�. After this, the folder will become visible.