How to increase male power

Address to the urologist. The doctor will examine you, give you a referral for tests, and then pick up medications that will improve potency. If you have a disease on the background of hormonal failure, the treatment will quickly bear fruit, but with infectious and inflammatory processes in the reproductive system, the duration of therapy will increase slightly. Follow the recommendations of a specialist and take all the prescribed funds.
Regular sex is the key to men's health. If you constantly deal with them, the potency will increase without any medical assistance, unless, of course, you have other abnormalities, such as inflammations. Sex must be unprotected, only in this way do hormones necessary for normal reproductive function enter the man’s body, therefore you must be sure of your partner.
Take the grass red root. It is sold in the form of tinctures, dry raw materials and even tablets. See dosage in the annotations.If you decide to brew the grass, then put in a glass of boiling water about 1 tablespoon. Take 50 ml 4 times a day. Red root corrects hormones and increases the potency in this regard.
Eat lots of animal products. Protein regulates testosterone production and improves maleforce. Eat lean beef, sea fish and caviar. These products must be present on your desk daily. And to enhance their effectiveness, eat and on a sprig of celery.