How to increase the speed of MediaGet?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
March 17, 2015
How to increase the speed of MediaGet?

MediaGet is one of the most popular torrent trackers on the Web, which allows you to download free music, movies, books, etc. from special sites - torrent trackers.

In this article we will explain how to increase the speed of downloading Mediaget in two ways.

First way

Using this method, you will learn how to increase the speed of the mediaget by properly configuring the modem port you are using. You will need to do the following:

  1. Start the device manager on your computer. To do this, open Start - Control Panel - Equipment and Security - Device Manager.
  2. Open the Ports tab, open the Properties of the port you are using by right-clicking on it, select the item that is responsible for adjusting the port settings and in the first top line set the number of bits per second higher than the one that is currently set.

Second way

Thanks to this method, you will learn how to speed up the mediaget by increasing the ratio of the maximum amount of information units per unit of time throughchannel you are using. For this:

  1. Run the dialog box with the Run command.
  2. Enter gpedit.msc - OK.
  3. Next, open Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Network - QoS Package Manager.
  4. At the point where we are talking about limiting the reserved bandwidth, enter a zero instead of the set value and click OK.

However, if the download speed still does not suit you, we have some more tips for you on how to increase the speed of the torrent mediaget:

  • Disable other programs that use access to the Internet - because of them very often the speed drops.
  • Turn off automatic program updates — they also steal your speed, but you usually don’t even notice it.
  • Try to disable the firewall, firewall and antivirus at the time of downloading - this is not safe, but all these programs can set their own limits on the amount of incoming traffic, thereby reducing download speed.
  • Check the number of distributors. If they are too few or not at all, it makes sense to look for a new distribution of this or a similar file with a large number of seeders.